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« on: January 17, 2008, 05:14:07 am »
Go Up Go Down

From the land of the Bluenose.....well after a weekend where Marie and I were able to detect the snow once again covered the ground.  Thought since things were slow that I'd give you the guided tour of a day at work so here goes.  Enjoy!

As a special constable at the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport my duties are divided into three  areas which include groundside, terminal and airside patrols, each with different duties, concerns and details. On this particular day I started my daily rotation  groundside by digging out my vehicle as the snow was just starting.<center></center>

The trip around the outside perimeter covers 22 kms. of fence and gates which must be checked to ensure that the perimeter security line (psl) is intact with no holes in the fence, open gates or vehicles parked within 3 meters of the psl as per Trasport Canada regulations.  The biggest hassle while on this portion of the job is dealing with traffic problems.  After a "trip around the back 9" (golf course borders part of the perimeter) and a stop at Tim's it was time to start the terminal patrol portion of my day.

From one end to the other the terminal stretches dang near a kilometer and this bouy has walked it so often that my legs have worn down and now I have to bum around!<Center></center>  Duties inside include answering various calls and again making sure that the psl is intact as part of the terminal forms same.

This is my favourite part of the job as I get to socialize and people watch.  Started my tour of duty here with a trip up to the security operations center (soc) and saying hi to Bill who is the main dispatcher and looks pretty laid back on this day which thank goodness was a slow one.<center></center>Bill is famous amoungst our shift as he without a doubt makes the world's best chili that he supplies at all our pot luck suppers!

It is clear to all visitors and customers of the airport that they are number 1.  Just look at all the service award banners hanging from the rafters!<center></center> To the left of where this photo was taken is the new USA Preclearance which has certaily increased the passenger volume of the airport.  Some areas here are restricted and no photos can be taken.<center></center> American Eagle, Continental and  domestic airlines have ticket booths here for the American destinations. I ran into Joe from Air Canada who I have known for a great many years as we both belong to the Nova Scotia Stamp Club. Joe has been at the airport so long that I think he owns half the shares in Air canada!<center></center>Down the escalators one watches the plane go around the globe.<center></center> with the Ground Transportation Inspectors (GTI) kios just below it where I shoot the sh*t with Ross who is a traffic member.<center></center>

Heading south I run into the most photographed area of the terminal which is home to this.  Man I won't tell you how much the HIAA paid for this "work of art."<center></center>  Don't think this bouy would chaw on dat puppy.

I then stop by to watch Mike at Clearwater taking the meat out of the real thing.  Can you believe it that folks actually pay $39.95 for a pound of lobster meat!<center></center>

I then run into Dwayne who is in charge of the shift since Steve is out on  medical leave.<center></center>On this day the off duty sailor of the high seas is bad luck as we responded to the first call of the day....an unattended bag which , in these days and times is a cardinal sin at an airport.  Firing up the EVD (explosive vapour detector)he goes over the luggage.  Notice how shaky this photo is..not my favourite type of call!<center></center>  Have my EVD training coming up shortly and looking about as forward to it as a prostrate examination.  Luggage checked out okay and the owner returned and got the lecture.

As I went through the psl I stop and chat with Brent who has just returned after a stint in the armed forces over in Afghanastan and resumed  his job at CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Agency)which they kept open for him.  He is actually considering going over again for another tour even though he lost a good friend in that conflict.  Brent's duty is to screen all over size bags for contraband.<center></center>

Making my way through Canada Customs I looked overhead at the Silver dart which made the first flight in the British Commonwealth at the turn of the 1900s.  This is a 3/4 size replica of the original.<center></center>

Going through Ace I put my eye up to the biometric device and am granted access into the departure area under the watchful eye of Jo, one of the two "den mothers" on the shift who keep us bouys in line.<center></center>

Departures is a wild place as shown by this older photo with "Tony the Tiger" now housed in a differnet part of departures.<center></center>

I stopped by the baggage belts and check the town clock and see that it is time to head airside.<center></center>

One look outside and I wanted to retreat back into the terminal! There a B-190 was getting deiced before heading to Toronto (YYZ)<center></center>

With the snow getting steadily worse the tandem of plows moved up and around the apron, taxi ways and runways like a giant serpine.<center></center>

Was time for this bouy to make himself scarce least I got runover by a plow or aircraft so I adjourned to the service road and watched "The World on Time" as the slogan goes get loaded.<center></center>

Creeping to the edge of the south apron I observed a Jazz Dash 8-100 getting similar treatment in the worsening conditions<center></center> and another Air Canada plane on a "push back" from gate 12.<center></center>

Ventured across the apron and visited Lloyd "Keeper of the North Gate who was checking in a snow blower...man do they kick up a white out when they are working."<center></center>

After a chat in his shack it was off to the very south end of the service road to do reports, listen to CBC radio 1 and watch the snow fall, dreading the drive home!<center></center>


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« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2008, 06:33:36 am »
Go Up Go Down

Great report and tour.  Looks like quite a place.


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