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« on: May 07, 2011, 02:44:48 pm »
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Hello Everyone,
                     I know I posted many months ago about collecting antique firearms. However I thought I would share some new information with everyone.
With the recient problems that everyone experenced with the ecomeny and and the losses in the stock market and the losses that many have experenced. One area that was not effected was firearms, When in fact prices are on the rise this is due to normal circumstances, gas, the economy and lets not forget
the current political establishment, ( A Big Factor ! ) Now the Prices on antique
firearms vary for the would be collector, depending on what you are trying to get.
      What I would suggest is what is called inexpensive firearms, sucide guns,
pocket revolvers, single shot long guns etc. the types of firearms you would want
are those made before 1898 ( or even replicas of black powder firearms).
      I had made a post about a revolver I had found which was a Harrington & Richardson, this gun was a cheapie a several years ago. currently this gun is worth in the retail market of 175.00 Prices based on its current condition. Now you makle think that is not much, well if you wind up with multiple firearms and diffrent makers you will be sitting on a small bank roll. If you happen to find a
old weapon during a hunt now we are in a diffrent ball park. If you went to a gun dealer and asked him how much money you could sell your relic for in most cases the dealer will tell you nothing. This can be for a few reasons, #1- The Dealer dose not want to deal with it due to its a relic, & condition. #2- A dealer may offer you only a few dollars for it, and most people will take the few bucks and figure they made out ok, In many cases the dealer wants the piece/relic
so he can rebuild a firearm or make a new one or even auction the piece off. and make a pretty penny.( Not all dealers are dishonest & no offence to any firearm or antique dealers who belong to the forum)
     Collecting Antique Arms is alot of fun and can be very profitable a friend of mine passed away five years ago, and he made sure his widow was going to be
set when he was gone. His collection was over 400 firearms mostily antique and military firarms. I helped his widow set up a sale to reputible collectors, and dealers and when all was said and done she made over two hundred thousand dollars and Im happy to report she has no worries thanks to her husband.
     So even if you dont hunt or shoot collecting old firearms & edged weapons is like putting money in your retirement fund, and you dont have the worries like a 401k plan when you check your stocks worth. If You are interested in this treasured area and need some advise just ask & I'll be more than happy to help
you. As Always Best Wishes,,,,Rob


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