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« on: December 07, 2009, 06:07:30 am »
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The Cueneca Treasure mystery.

In a little village of Cueneca in the mountains of Ecuador lived an enigmatic old Silesian Monk by the name of Father Carlo Crispi. He was born in Italy and as a young monk went to Ecuador to become the priest for the village of Cueneca. The villagers found him a gentle caring man who treated the locals with great respect. For over 50 years father has Crispi has tended his flock as a missionary to the natives of the area.

There is a more enigmatic side to Father Carlo Crispi. He had been collecting over many years items supposedly brought in from the jungles amazing artifacts that might one day challenge main stream archeology. The strange artifacts were alleged gifts as such by the admiring population of natives of the region around Cueneca.

 He has as such a large collection of copper, brass silver and gold artifacts and because of his views is some what an embarrassment to the Vatican. However the Vatican in 1960 consented to him opening a museum in the town of Cueneca to display the artifacts.

 He believes many cultures of the old world have been in contact with the natives of South America in the distant past. Those ideas have come into conflict with of course what mainstream archeology believes.

Did he have a valid theory? If you look at other researcher?s early research on that question such as Thor Heyerdahl epic voyage across the Pacific in the Contiki expedition proved it could have been possible for the Peruvians to sail across and populating islands in the pacific. Thor also tried to prove with the latter RA expedition that the Egyptians could have sailed over the Atlantic on a reed raft to South America. Does that constitute proof? No but it still proves it could of have been possible.

Other supporters of that claim similarities between cultures, such as Pyramids in Egypt and Pyramids in central and South America. Also there are legends of a strange race of giant red haired people with blue eyes with light skin in South American mythologies. Is this some distant memory of explorers from the old world or trading partners from a distant time?

Intriguing it is, main steam archeology will not even look or debate or explore the subject as they are afraid to step out of line with orthodox beliefs of their profession. This on the other hand has led to other unscrupulous researchers dominate the subject with their own agendas.

The Cueneca Treasure consisting of Gold, Copper, brass and silver plates and statues of half man have lizard, with snakes and other weird animals that are totally out of context to what is known about South America. There more intriguingly strange scripts pyramids and dinosaurs on some of the copper and gold plates.

Richard Wingate in his book ?Outpost of Atlantis? claims that that metal casting methods are beyond the natives of Tayos. That may be true but there is no evidence that the Cueneca treasure came from Tayos at all. Another researcher claimed the copper and brash content was very similar to Mercedes Benz Daimler manufactured parts. Any miner knows the chemical composition of any metal will usually betray its origins.

The treasure allegedly came from caves in the very dangerous Jinvaro Indian country near Tayos between the Santiago and Morano rivers. The caves commonly referred to as Tayos caves. Were first brought to the attention to the world by an Argentine researcher called Juan Moricz Who with some dubious motives claimed ownership of the area and negotiated at tile deed. His motives to the day he died were not exactly clear and who was actually the finder of these mysterious caves. The caves were first allegedly discovered by a man called Petrino Jaramillo.

Eric von Danken well known for his theories that ancient cultures in the past may have had contact with aliens, astounded the world with his theory and first book Chariots of the Gods. He made alleged statements in his second book Gold of the Gods that told an amazing story. About he himself was guided to a strange subterranean tunnels and was shown of machine cut galleries and underground chamber full of metal disks and pages with strange letters on them.

Later there was accusations of fraud was placed against Von Danken and story changed some what. Juan Moricz later disassociated himself from the controversial author. In the mean time Juan Moricz was met by Stan hall a British Telephone engineer interested in exploring the caves. The history is as follows.

1946 - Petronio?s first visit to the treasure cave.
1956 - Petronio records his story to-date.
1964 - Petronio is variously interviewed: by Alfredo Moebius, Andr?s Fern?ndez-Salvador Z, Pino Turolla and Juan Moricz.
1965 - First visit by Moricz to the Tayos Cave in Morona-Santiago.
1968 - Mormon expedition to the Tayos Cave region.
1969 - ?Expedition Moricz? to the Tayos Cave.  Media announcement.
1972 - Moricz and Dr. Pe?a take Erich von Daniken on trip to Cuenca.
1974 - Notarised document of Moricz?s alleged discoveries (6th June).
1975 - First meeting of Stan Hall and Moricz. ?Stones? expedition to Mendez.
1976 - British-Ecuadorian Expedition: Tayos Caves of Morona-Santiago.
1978 - Moricz introduces Hall to Don Andr?s Fern?ndez-Salvador Z.
1979 - Important Hall/AFS meeting on Moricz, Dyott, and Jaramillo.
1982 - Moricz invites Hall to bring Cumbaratza gold-mining projects to attention of international Mining Companies and come to Ecuador. Hall begins in-depth historical investigation of the Empire of Tayhuantinsuyu and Reino de los Kitus.
1991 - Moricz dies suddenly in February.  In September Hall meets Petronio Jaramillo for the first time. Start of 6-Year collaboration.
1996 - Petronio and Hall update their stories: formulate plan for expedition.
1998 - Petronio is assassinated near his house in Esmeraldas.
1999 - Hall makes reconnaissance trips to the Oriente.
2005 - Hall publishes calculated location of the treasure and informs Ecuadorian Embassy in the U.K. on January 17th.

Stan Hall is still to this day trying to gain support to explore and protect the Tayos region. It is interesting to note that he has never been in or seen the alleged gold library in the caves. The British-Ecuadorian Expedition: Tayos Caves of Morona-Santiago in 1976 never found any chambers or evidence of any gold library or any treasure remains in the caves. The expedition even interested Neil Armstrong enough to explore the caves, but with the controversy of claims and counter claims he left the scene.

The questions still remains Is the treasure in Cueneca connected to the treasure allegedly in the caves of Tayos?
Was Father Crispi involved in an elaborate fraud?

The truth of this treasure story is lost among claim and counter claim. What ever the truth modern day scientific testing will never confirm either way to see if the artifacts are authentic, because after father Crispi?s death the treasure was allegedly whisked off to the Vatican either to conceal an embarrassing fraud or a history making treasure.

And with that your guess is good as anyone?s

Hardluck.  Wink


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