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The table of Peutinger

Origin of the table of Peutinger

 The map of Peutinger is the ancestor of road maps. it covers all the Roman Empire, and even beyond: to China. It is a reproduction, made for the end of the XIIth century, of a copy realized towards 350, the original of which is still oldest. This map was discovered at the beginning of the XVIth century, to Worms. it was confided to Konrad Peutinger, contemporary of Érasme, who published it (where from his name).

 It was more than 6 metres in length and 30 cms wide. it is kept in the National library of Vienna today.

It is the road map which represents the main roads of the whole Roman Empire. It is the simplistic representation which does not take into account the scale: it is closer in fact to a subway map than to a road map.

It contains some errors and inaccuracies.

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Keywords: The table of Peutinger 

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