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« on: February 17, 2015, 07:44:30 am »
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Similar points in Treasure Signs and Side :

Here's an excerpt of an article on the common treasure signs. translated... sry for translate mybe not good but helpfull Cheesy

Signs should be divided into three catogories..
  a- region confirming signs.
  b burials of the map is the case of certain parts of the region where the region marks the treasure map showing our mark consisting of a few signs in the same rock can die.

c close to the treasure, see the treasure, and the direction of the treasure, the treasure was dug location and even signs that the area of the land.

confirming signs as examples of signs
  a.1) scales sign: notorious data bridge.
  a.2) gives guidelines notorious tract stones.
  a.3) opened wide the rock channel and that channel intersects with finely carved lines,
  these signs are signs telling the router to visit the intersecting paths around the creek and on the region.

b.) The case of a certain part of the map where the burials,
  treasure map showing signs of the same rock we can call our mark consisting of a few signs.
  b.1) a couple of animate and inanimate, and found in the same rock that the geometric signs
  has seen many of our friends. the same rock as the spider, v, carving holes and triangle.
  c.) - signs are often found in the form of land and bury it in terms of square meters
  is the measure. indicates that the distance from the middle center of this land
  It is also pointed out as a compass. There are certainly aspects of each sign.
  c.1-) marks example:
  u, arrows, v, snake, spider, eagle, footprint, nail trail, rifles, pistols and other marks our not to ....

signs to be aware of issues and common points:
The common signs of animate and inanimate or geometric signs must have, or has it. short treasure location are encoded in these letters. Open the location where the embed these letters is to give away. 70 cm in the measure. ells and 23 cm. mix is used.

Mark: the signs in front of us, sometimes the crescent moon, the shape of two of the combined shape, water trough, the abdominal cavity of the animal figures and the position of the feet, opened wings his way to u, we see the making of the correct form of forward bending of the neck of human and animal figures.

also put oil in place of the internal structure of a coiled serpent and caves we interpret u as u said over and again we come across as flat. It's possible to replicate these examples.
  The sign itself is a treasure, usually caves, tombs and those stranded were used stylishly.

If you want to live and inevitably get letters used in the lifeless figure is u sign the code, it gives the direction and distance from the hotel. u sign opposite, flat, emerges as a nibble up and down left and right. u sign gives direction by the posture. with reverse and consists of flat to down, or that is in the upper level.
  plain: In plain terms similar to the direction of the hill itself is the property of the mark on a high level as the punt, the exact spot where the goods can be identified from the central hub.

to know the distance between the mark and the place where the goods:

supporting the u sign on the same stone, complementary second mark (measurement transmitter) or the angle is measured and found that the open portion of the resulting figure is multiplied by 70 figures cm., gives the distance in meters.

v mark - there is a geometric point mark, as well as the direction and distance data. as well as in the v mark pointing camouflaged ability is too much. have pointed in the direction of the goods or 2. Open the solution is nearest the mark no guides pointing trowel.

(v mark also gains a distinct feature in the fact that the letter of the name of the volcan voivode.) are often buried in areas with natural signs were buried in hard ground. šataklar of these sample stream, creek curves are in the first place.
  also peak in the hills and they have buried their way to Baghdad or links lead to very notorious blood stone guides. The money in the creeks in or sign šataklar encrypts the best there is.
namely v mark stands out against us sometimes in the form y. these two streams of the combined map of the burials in the flow as well as streams Catagnu is encrypted. sometimes against the sign of y our dog, rabbit or goat quotation marks is the way to go we also punctuated. When combined with chalk stands out from the point of y shape. v mark against our legs sometimes stand in vivid figure, beak, stands out in the form of tail. such as double-tongued snake, v-shaped tail fish and snakes, eagles, makes you a chicken's beak.

arm posture in humans, do you have leg stance. Money is usually the cave, there is plenty of vaults. u and v are mostly carved signs and signs that mark. but there are exceptions. some relief is to change the password to be olmaktadır.kabart the'll just tell you in detail below, but is to determine the level between the land and the money sign is encrypted by extremely evil.
  there are signs sometimes against our arrows, rectangles, sometimes rises in the spear.

o (circle) sign: he himself is in dire we call signs or on any angle and direction of donor money, unless the second mark. is off the mark. has closed. that is, to take out of the apartment with a geometrical definition. The apartment also marks what is or what is not flat figures such as the encryption of circular threshing floor flat land need to analyze better. apartment already stands out as a commodity rather than drawing us towards. millstone for example, some live signals also makes it move like a snake wrapped around each table, but were made to get attention like kissing. whereas the password is flat.

money is yourself. Money in itself is found to friends or burial stone or 3 meters south is possible to get by.
  There are circular carvings and carved in some places in the interior of the apartment as they should not be perceived as a tray. Such signs usually give the threshing floor or the summit of the hill or the saints tomb. money is already reserved in the round circle marks the gospel. money is himself.

Snakes: Snakes gives way to stream it or watercourses or notorious horse-drawn carriage in the field. as drawing snakes, sometimes they are made carved in relief and sometimes slightly. The burial of large stream of water in the baking snake that icons are close to the creek. snakes of the money before then data point. punctuated with snakes password or point, or would also have the forked tongue or have engaged in the queue.
  sometimes at the knuckle. 3 nodes, that will herald a 5-necked money in three streams fold, 5 fold heralds money is in five streams. The exact point where the money is in the land if the boat point or node in the left or right on the middle of the stream curved center.

snake head sometimes cut the tail sometimes this means we oppose cuts; stream length or height of the water channel encryption, go lower. event has surrounded the location so you will see that can not be seen the continuation after a certain point due to the cut has space already head or tail also refer you see cut snake creek or stream, like a snake same channel land dished formed so as invisible head or tail of the snake.

Please note that there is a certain land in short marking seeing friends or sketch of the creek in his region. money if the snake itself is also flat. ie where the rock or rock that is on the south side of 3 meters. Examples of sign; wrapped around the foot soldiers and the bottom circle have made a snake.

signs commonalities
  Each sign has a strong o-u-v. does not have these three letters or direct money does not make geometric shapes, signs and markings help.
  is far greater than the distance to the money sign on the land. if the sign is small near the money.
  The money is hidden signs are up to 9 meters.
  What is meant by secret signs, the soil under the signs, made of stone at the bottom of signs. marks in the cave closed.
  soil is empty cubes, etc.

volcan money is always in the rock. It is never as well and 1 meter deep garden gardens money for vacant land. marvelous flag and the result of the work done workmanship coins were buried style really can not be found.
  Volcan knows the password gets a tray of baklava from all slices. heyyy volcan Turkish're beautiful waves in the religious history of the human saints are istavrozl dog bone inside the walls but it was the Turkish people do not wake up from that tray you will not even have diamond water
  diamond, given the angle of the signs volcan takes the direction and ends in southwest starting from the northeast ..


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