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« on: November 10, 2021, 03:09:31 pm »
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When trying to decide between the Garrett ACE 400 vs AT Pro, there are many variables to keep in mind that could make the difference between you enjoying your metal detecting experience or not! Making this decision depends on what you are looking for in a metal detector.

In most cases, experienced detectorists would likely be better suited with the Garrett AT Pro, to where newer hobbyists might want to pick up a Garrett ACE 400.

Enjoy our in-depth review of each metal detector, along with a section that will help you weigh out the features and benefits of each detector.


Garrett ACE 400

The Garrett ACE 400 metal detector is arguably one of the best detectors for beginners, as well as intermediate metal detectorists on the market today.

This budget friendly metal detector was built to perform with excellence at a great price! Continue reading to learn more about the features and benefits of the ACE 400.

Operating Frequency

The ACE 400 runs at an operating frequency of 10 kHz, which is a great frequency. Essentially, the higher frequency is, the more sensitive the machine is, but it gives up some detection depth.

The lower the frequency is, the more detection depth you will get, but the less sensitivity. The 10 kHz operating frequency is great for an all-around, utilitarian metal detector, and we believe this will suit most detectorists just fine!

Search Modes

The 400 comes with five different search modes, as well as a pinpointer mode. These modes include jewelry mode, coins mode, relic hunting mode, zero discrimination (all-metal) mode, and a custom mode.

We love the custom mode, as you can set whatever settings you want, and the detector will always keep those settings while in custom mode. In addition, the pinpointing mode helps cut down target recovery speeds by large margins.

Exclusive Features

The ACE 400 features 12 segment notch discrimination, making it easy to save time by not digging metals you do not want to find.

In addition, the ACE features Iron Audio, a Garrett exclusive feature, that allows you to hear the discriminated iron in order to be able to hear whether a signal is good, or if it is a washer or bottle cap.

Ground balancing is always a big issue when it comes to metal detecting, particularly in highly mineralized soils that cause much magnetic and electrical interference.

The ACE 400 features a fixed ground balance set up, which is perfectly suitable (and more simple) for most treasure hunting environments.

The ACE 400 features a weatherproof control box, but the control box is not submersible and cannot be put underwater.

With that being said, the search coil and stem are waterproof, so they can be submerged for any treasure hunting by the water’s edge. Waterproof coils are always a nice feature!

Search Coils

The ACE 400 is the only metal detector in the original ACE series that comes stock with an 8.5″ x 11″ PROformance DD search coil. We love DD PROformance search coils because they provide an increased detection depth, and also allow treasure hunters to cover more ground in less time.

There are many additional search coils that are compatible with the ACE 400 for certain scenarios.


Our favorite ergonomic feature of this detector is its light weight! Weighing in at only 2.9 pounds, we believe most metal detectorists will have no problem swinging the 400 all day long!

Beyond the weight, the armrest of the ACE 400 is adjustable, allowing you maximum control over the length you work with.

The elbow support piece has a soft foam coating on it, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time. The texturized rubber grip provides great grip even in wet conditions.

Battery Life

This Garrett metal detector runs on 4 AA batteries, and generally provides anywhere from 20-40 hours of battery life. We love being able to run this for many hunts and not have to change the batteries!

• Very inexpensive
• Solid battery life
• Very lightweight
• Loaded with features for this price point

• Non-adjustable ground balance
• Cannot be submersed in water

Garrett AT Pro

The Garrett AT Pro is widely known to be one of the absolute best metal detectors for intermediate and advanced metal detectorists, as it provides great, high-end features at a great price point.

It really is an all-purpose metal detector, as relic hunters, gold prospectors, and coin hunters alike love it. Keep reading to see an in-depth look at the features of the Garrett AT Pro metal detector.

Operating Frequency

The Garrett AT Pro operates at a frequency of 15 kHz. This is a great frequency for a very low frequency (VLF) detector, as it has the power to detect deep into the ground, while remaining sensitive enough to find small gold nuggets while prospecting!

Search Modes

The Pro comes with a preset of three modes without Tone Roll Audio, and three with Tone Roll Audio (Pro Modes). There is a coin, zero discrimination, and custom mode in both configurations, as well a pinpoint mode.

Tone Roll Audio is simply an alternative to the traditional audio tone ID noises. Instead of giving a high or low signal, Tone Roll will “roll” the signal through so you can hear every noise the metal target makes, allowing you to get a complete picture of the metal’s likely composition.

Exclusive Features

The AT Pro has 40 levels of iron discrimination, making it an excellent choice for those detectorists who know exactly what signals they are trying to avoid.

The Pro also comes with Garrett’s Iron Audio, which makes it possible to hear signal tones of discriminated iron, helping you avoid finding washers and bottle caps.

Ground balancing features on this detector are very good for an intermediate level machine.

Garrett ships the Pro with an automatic ground balance feature, as well as a manual ground balance option as well. Automatic ground balancing makes life so simple!

As can be gathered from its name, the AT (All-Terrain) Pro is submersible in up to 10 feet of water, can work in saltwater environments, and can withstand all of the abuse you put it through while metal detecting without affecting performance at all.

We all love this detector for the simple reason that it is a rugged, tough beast!

Search Coils

The search coil that comes standard on the Pro is an 8.5″ x 11″ DD Proformance coil. In our opinion, this coil is excellent for most detecting scenarios, though some may want to look at additional search coils that provide certain advantages in high-trash or wide-open areas.


The Garrett AT series of metal detectors is known not only for its ruggedness, but also for its comfortable use for long periods of time.

The AT Pro weighs only about three pounds, making it very lightweight for all of the features it possesses.

The armrest is adjustable, features a foam elbow rest, and is complete with a textured rubber grip. We all believe that almost any hobbyist could swing this machine for hours with little fatigue.

Battery Life

The Pro runs on 4 AA batteries, but takes anywhere from 20 to 40 hours to wear them out! We are very impressed with this runtime, as there are so many features on the AT Pro, but it barely affects battery life!

• Great performance
• Multi-purpose; excellent on coins, gold, jewelry, etc.
• Submersible to 10 feet
• Can withstand saltwater, sand, rain, snow, and sleet

• More expensive

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Garrett ACE 400 vs AT Pro

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