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« on: April 18, 2010, 07:40:46 am »
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As I have read allot of Post on the K.G.C. and there signs and symbols take for instance the letter ?B? can also represent the number 13 used by Masons and the Illuminati as well other letters that I seen used are-?T?, ?M?, ?W? and the double ?JJ? some of the other numbers used by the above are 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 18, 28, 33, 39, 77 and 666 or any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Makes a person wonder if all the towns that start with these letters might be K.G.C. Code for K.G.C. Friendly. Take the State where I live for instance the first settlers into Missouri was around 1810 Hey! Missouri ?M? I live in Southwest Missouri which started  settled around 1835 allot of them moved here from Tennessee Hey! ?T? and Kentucky. By the 1840?s they had five Masonic lodges and three lodges, I. O. O. F. in the County alone. The city was named for Bolivar, Tennessee Hey! ?B? & ?T? which was named after Simon Bolivar South American Liberator whom I understand was a Mason as well. We have a Statue of this man not far from me.  There is a Highway west of town that runs north and south at one time it was known as Bloody 13 Hey! ?13? the other main Highway running east and west through town is 32 which I understand if not Mistaken there are 32 degrees in Freemasonry before you reach 33 degree.

When I was 13 we lived on 4 ? acres west of town we had a huge circle drive in the center of this circle drive was a long Chicken house running east & west right inside the door on the right hand side was a big stock tank which I was told not to mess with it. It was supposedly full of Down feathers for PillowsThe only dad I knew growing up died about this time and they auctioned off all except the house and land. I had heard stories growing up of buried treasure in several locations around the County; I was also informed on how to dowse for Water & Treasure. So when the stock tank was sold at auction I took my dowse stick inside the chicken house to see if I could find anything right where the stock tank use to sit the stick pulled down hard so I dug down about 15-20 inches and found a rifle butt similar to this picture here.

On the side plate it had C.S.A. 1862. I?m not sure why it was broken like that or what really ever happened to it. I went to get it one day it was gone.  I do remember though how it was lying when I dug it up though. I don?t know if someone I showed this to took it or what happened to it.

No one had ever told me about treasure trees or the hoot owl trees until I started reading the forums. I took this picture within three blocks of our city Square.

It has limbs on both sides pointing. The house is no longer there. Not sure if it?s Hoot Owl Tree or a Trail Tree. I?m sure if other signs where around they are no longer here as the town has doubled in size since I was 13.

Here is just a few of the tales I was told about growing up. Southeast of town about 3 miles is supposedly buried a Civil War Payroll it?s out in the middle of a field under a big flat rock I was shown the location once when I was younger but never checked it out. Not far from this site my step-dad while coon hunting stumbled onto several old graves or mounds of rocks he said there was about 8 or 10. About 5 miles east of town there is supposedly a Golden Statue the size of a calf hidden inside an old cave. Back in the 70?s someone in business like suits came looking for something in the same area but as far as I know they didn?t find anything. South of Town along the county line is suppose to be buried I was told 8 donkey loads of Gold the Spanish had buried. I searched for the one in Springfield Mo. Back in the 80?s found allot of digging sites but with the growth of Springfield the signs are probably all gone. . To the North of town a man my family knew was suppose to have buried fruit jars of old coins in the corner of an old barn the barn no longer stands I was there once in the early 70?s with a cheap metal detector all I found was the spade end of a shovel and an old Iron. Another story was of two twin brothers who had never been married there family was one of the early settlers in the 1830?s and friends of ours. When they died they were getting back then what they called old age pension. They had over $2,000.00 on each one of them the State came in an put a paddle lock on there house door with a no trespassing sign. Don?t know if State found anything or not.

 Also one time while I was fishing we did find a tree that had carvings on it but thought it just a joke. Here is what I remember of it I wrote it down on a paper towel as I?m not sure where we seen it. We fished at too many different spots over the years. It?s probably not there anymore any way.  I was told though that Davy never signed anything with Davy Crockett but has David Crockett. It was the mid 60?s when we seen this. I also remember a story of Church Hollow about 3-4 families during the Civil War putting all they?re valuables  in an iron kettle and Burying it I had family living in that area around then. That?s another county though west of here.


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