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« on: September 13, 2009, 04:29:40 pm »
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This amazing engraved stone depicts what the ancient Britons called the dragon which we now know was the comet that devastated Britain, note the fireballs in each corner at the top of the picture.

Written in the unmistakable Coelbren Alphabet this stone tells the story of the devastation the Dragon (comet) caused when it struck.
Photo Copyright Alan Hassell
Madoc, Arthur?s brother had set sail and was at sea when the comet struck.  The skies turned black blocking out the sun and stars. They continued to sail west and eventually hit new land which they called the otherworld.
As usual they sail around the coast looking for suitable rivers which they were able to navigate in order to find somewhere suitable to replenish food supplies and also make good any damage incurred during the long and hazardous voyage.
Eventually, they built a small settlement and became friendly with the natives.
However, there is more to this Madoc because in 1850 an Archaeological dig took place on a burial mound in Kentucky, U.S.A. 
In the middle of the mound they found a skeleton and under the head was a small engraved stone which numerous people attempted to decipher and learn the message left for the finders.
Over 100 years later Alan Wilson saw a photograph of the stone and immediately recognised the engravings as being the Coelbren Alphabet and because he had the cipher was able to read it.
The inscription read, ?Here lies Madoc, the great leader he was.? Madoc was Arthur?s brother Madoc ap Meurig.
This might sound very strange however; there are many references to be found on the internet regarding Welsh speaking Native American Indians.  Welsh being the Language of the Briton?s.  There are also numerous references regarding Madoc too.
Several years later it was decided they should return to Briton and inform Arthur of the new wondrous land they had discovered with a good climate and plenty of wildlife together with good land in which they could grow anything.
Arthur was in Brittany, which was part of the kingdom at the time and returned to Britain to gather as many of his people as he could and set sail towards the west and the new land they had found and called the otherworld.
They would have also taken certain farm animals with them such as cows, pigs, sheep and chickens too. They would also need provisions during the long voyage to this new world.
With Britain devastated by the destructive forces of the comet, which must have been like a nuclear explosion at the time much of Britain had been destroyed and was now desolate.
One of the first sign would be the impact of the comet which would generate tremendous heat that in turn would cause fires and destroy wooden buildings.
There are plenty of small video?s some of which are superb animations or computer generated scenarios as to what happens if a comet strikes earth on

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This in itself will cause huge clouds of dust to rise up and block out the sun exactly as happened in 562 AD. 
On July the thirtieth 1908 at approximately 7.15 am what was believed to have been a meteor hit an area in Russia near the Tunguska River which flattened trees around for miles and is estimated to have had the explosive power of one thousand nuclear bombs similar to the one that was used on Hiroshima.
Any disturbance on the sea floor would cause what we now know as a Tsunami we have witnessed how destructive they are because of the recent one that was televised around the world from Indonesia.
Then as we have seen recently huge waves up to 50 feet high would have been generated and forming way out at sea and that might take some time for huge waves to hit landfall causing massive flooding as was witnessed recently when one hit Indonesia killing thousands.
Scientists believe that had it been a comet similar to that at Tunguska a gigantic tsunami up to one hundred feet high and travelling at over four hundred miles per hour could be generated with devastating consequences.
This may have been the period that Maelgwyn Gwynned took control of the Kingdom but even his wealth and position would not save him from the pestilence. 
It is known he died during such a plague and this might have been the cause of his death along with many others that perished with him.
The resulting flood would bring in thick layers of mud making any form of Archaeology difficult to analyse and detect.
And so 800 years before Columbus discovered America King Arthur had beaten him too it and began to colonise and settle in the new land.
So with Arthur having gathered up his people and loaded them all onto his ships they set sail for the Otherworld we now call America.
It is known they established colonies out there as one was found at Bat Creek in Tennessee.
Investigations are still ongoing in America because they are more interested in links to King Arthur than the Establishment is here in the UK.
Although the full truth and story about King Arthur?s death may never be know, this is the closest anyone will ever get to the truth. 
Arthur did not die at the hands of Mordred but by those of savage Native American Indians.
It is known that shortly after his death, they mummified his body and collected what gold they had amongst themselves, surrendering wedding rings, torques, bracelets or whatever golden objects they possessed and made a face mask.
By making this face mask shortly after his death Arthur?s subjects would be able to recognise the remains of their great leader and king.
They then set sail for Britain because his son was entitled to inherit the throne and Kingdom.
His cousin, St.Ilttyd met a ship containing Arthur?s body and was given a temporary concealed or hidden burial whilst a fit and proper grave was created for the King.

This might sound strange but when you consider these people were direct descendants of the first Trojans who occupied Britain under the leadership of Brutas, the idea is not so strange at all.
Consider the death mask of Agamemnon found by Schliemann, who found troy, is there not a similarity?
To preserve Arthur?s body as much as possible they wrapped him in several deer hides for the long journey over the ocean back to Britain.
Now I am not suggesting that the Sutton Hoo ship did belong to Arthur, I do not know and neither does anyone else without complete certainty of DNA and tests to confirm the identity of the person who may or may not have been in the ship.
It is easy to speculate but without solid evidence its only guess work and as such inconclusive and only speculation.
When Arthur died his sons were too young to inherit the kingdom, Arthur?s death was kept secret fearing that if the Anglo Saxons had learnt of his death it would cause unrest and more battles.
However the Kingdom was well looked after by loyal caretakers who ensured the safety of the kingdom in his absence.
King Arthur?s Kingdom is in Wales where it has always been and where it will remain for eternity. No one can change that not even the British Government.
We are left with this enigma of who was the owner of this ship found at Sutton Hoo?
As all wood had rotted away within the confines of the ship carbon dating could not be used, even then the scientists use a mathematical formulae to derive at a date.
The only items that could be dated were Byzantium coins because anything made of wood that could undergo Carbon 14 dating had rotted away. The coins are the only means of dating the site.
It is British and therefore not Saxon too many clues have been overlooked and misread either deliberately or by design for political and religious correctness.
However the story does not end here, for there are more ship burials that have not been investigated because if they were the truth about Sutton Hoo might be revealed.   
Proof of other British Burial ships that still await discovery.
It is rather strange the Sutton Hoo burial ship should be proclaimed as the richest treasure in Great Britain, when in actual fact the ship was found in England.
The Angles or Saxons were not the only people who buried their dead warriors in ships because I know of at least four ship burials that are yet to be discovered and may hold far greater treasures than what was recovered from Sutton Hoo.
I did not discover them all but I can lay claim to finding one on a location that I was taken too by Alan Wilson.  However I will not reveal that particular one?s location because we are still negotiating with owners of the property.
What you are about to learn took many years of hard dedicated research by two individuals who spent their own money, time and resources into not only locating these ship burials but also who was buried in them.
Just as Egypt has a Valley of the Kings, there is another one, except it is located in Wales.
That?s right Wales, and because of this the establishment, academics and powers to be will never allow these historic sites to be excavated because if they were it would mean the histories as it is written now would have to be changed.
This would also mean that all the books that were written in the past would have to be rewritten too.  A gigantic undertaking that no one wants to see happen.
During their microscopic examination of the Real British History Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett visited many of the old sites some of which had long been forgotten about.
They used many of the old documents that are even today very hard to find but are still available in certain places where they have been in safe keeping for centuries.
However some of those books are written in the old Welsh language and if you?re unable to read and speak Welsh you might as well be an asylum seeker who does not speak the English language.
One of their specialities was tracking down the genealogies of many of the Kings of Britain in their book, Artorious Rex Discovered.  Then locating the memorials or graves of those individuals in order to get to the bottom of the King Arthur legends and reveal the truth.
This may sound insignificant but in reality it shows how the Establishment will go to any extreme to protect the present day Monarch.
All kings in the past had to proof a direct blood line back to Arthur in order to become the King or Queen of Britain.
The Saxons were unable to do this because they came from Germany and as such had no claim to the Royal bloodlines or the throne of Britain.
Things became worse when George of Hanover managed to gain the throne through marriage to a Scottish Queen.  Then political correctness came into force and everything concerning Arthur had to be changed and his name eliminated from the record books.
Despite this people were still attracted to the Arthurian legends and it didn?t stop people from trying to get to the real truth about Arthur.
Even Henry the VIII?s historian declared that how could Arthur fights the Romans and centuries later fight the Saxons.
Little did he know or realise that there was an Arthur who fought the Roman?s and another a direct descendent 200 years later who was to fight and defeat the Saxons in all their battles.
Nennius goes into detail regarding some of those battles.
If you look into the real history of Wales you will find it is a nation of people that have been suppressed by numerous English Monarchs who hated the Welsh for one reason or another.
The same goes on today although to a much lesser extent but are still suppressed because of the London connections.
Because of my expertise with highly specialised metal detector?s I was asked by Alan Wilson to survey several sites that might prove to be treasure sites.
One mention of that golden word treasure was sufficient for me to agree and take my equipment to Wales in order to undertake the task at hand.
There was a video camera crew at all the sites that I investigated and on one of them I detected a continuous line in one direction of solid metal.
Following the line in the opposite direction Alan Wilson declared that I was detecting the shape of a very large ship.
It measured about 80 feet long and about 20 foot wide.  I am not prepared to give any further details regarding this site or its whereabouts which is known to several others apart from myself.   Is this the burial ship of King Arthur?
If it is, it is bigger than the Sutton Hoo treasure because according to documentation Arthur was buried in a suit of armour made of gold and had a face plate made of gold in order for his remains to be recognised upon return to his Kingdom.
What might be found within the interior of that ship is anyone?s.  It makes the mind boggle just thinking about the possibilities of what might be buried there.


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« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2009, 12:53:02 am »
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WOW Alan! Grab your shovel and lets get to work!


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Garrett ADS III / Garrett Sea Hunter
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2010, 08:26:28 pm »
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Well, here it is about a year later. Any updates? My bloods boiling again. Oops, I see this is part 5 of 6. Must find and read, where where Must find. haha


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FlowerOfTheSea (Flor Do Mar)

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