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 The Templar treasure is the subject of Myths, legends and half truths;

    The treasure of the Templars is not in doubt, it existed as a result of creating a Check writing system and the commissions received, enough to build a fleet of ships and maintain dozens of castles and constructions. The Check writing system was actually the first Central bank in Europe.

   After the destruction of the Knights Templar structure, many fled to Scotland, England, and locations throughout Europe including what is today Switzerland. Their Shipping fleet and treasure was never seen again, although the ships were  probably hired out to trading companies.

  What is interesting is the rise of the modern banking system in the next years after their demise....The bank of England was created by William Patterson, a Scotsman, but is generally accepted as a front for private concerns. William went on to become the sheriff of "the City of London", not to be confused with London itself. The city of London is a private corporation, exists on 677 square acres and is subject to its own laws and rule. As it has for several hundred years, the City of London directs British economic policies to this day.

  Along with the rise of the Bank of England came the Medici, Hapsburg, Warburg, Fugger's, Rothschild's,etc, banking families.We can find several ties that stretch back to Jesuits, Templar treasures and myths. it is very difficult to ascertain fact from fiction during these times.  What they all share in common are Ties to Gold and mining industries, Central bank planning,  and loaning to governments and royalty at high interest most often to fund wars. Collateral is often state owned lands, mines, and authority to manage tax receipts.

  Today the bank of England, the Rothschild and Warburg Banking systems, continue to operate in much the same manner as did the Original Central bank, the system created by the Templar knights.

   The US Federal Reserve is very much a result of these various systems; loaning to govts, controlling the interest rates, and placing the taxpayer as collateral for the loan(s).  The Federal Reserve is also a Private corporation.

   To summarize, the Templar treasure was never lost, it is hidden in plain view used to replicate the same banking system that proved successful for the original Knights Templar;  It is the Royal bank of Scotland, the Bank of England, Rothschild banking, UBS bank, and all of their cross connected and interbred offspring. This is one very possible location of the Templar treasure, the modern Banking system.



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Hi Toolmaker,
Thanks for your point of view and those informations


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thanks toolmaker

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Toolmaker, there is a lot to be said in favor of your theory.......for one thing it is both simple and reasonable  (but not nearly as blood-pumpingly exciting as tales of treasures buried by templar knights in the middle of North America)

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Hello All

Thank you toolmaker for a very interesting post. Yes they were in some respects the pioneers of an early banking system.

I have never subscribed to the Idea that the Templar's had a fleet of ships. especially the notion that they fled to North America in them. There is no historical evidence to support this.

If there is any possible left over treasures then at guess most likely there are missed caches in France where the Templar's were suppressed.


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This post only deals with tracking of treasure, not any supposed trips made to North America during 1398 by Jarl Henry Sinclair.

Tracking the supposed lost treasure of the Knights Templar has been a grand exercise towards historical research, with most folks main interest focused on treasure removed from Paris during 1307.

Modern day authors have used this as a foundation to promote the Templar coming to North America via Scotland in 1398 under the protection of clan St. Clair.

First, was there a treasure fleet which transported the treasure out of France? If so, where was the most likely destination? Regardless of the destination, how did the wealth of such a treasure manifest itself?

Supposedly the King of France was witness to the treasure in Paris before Friday, October 13, 1307. After this date the treasure was gone.

Could the Templar have gained protection in Scotland from Clan St. Clair?

The papers known as 'Processus factus contra Templarios in Scotia, 1309' details the trial of Knights Templar in England, Scotland and Ireland. The document contains the testimony of Henous (Henry) de Sancto Claro and Willielmus (Williamn) de Sancto Claro who spoke AGAINST the Templar.

Henry would be the second Baron of Roslin, Jarl Henry's (who supposedly came to North America during 1398) great-grandfather and his brother William who would be appointed the Bishop of Dunkeld in 1312. Might make it a little tricky to hide a mob of Templars when your brother is a local Papal VIP.

The gist of the testimony stated the Knights Templar were of no good, for ?if the Templar had been faithful Christians they would in no way have lost the Holy Land?.

Considering they were saying this to a Catholic Bishop for these men being (implied) unfaithful Christians, it pretty much supports the notion of this order not being or never having been supported by clan St clair. Those were pretty damming statements for 1309.

I think we can directly ruling out Scotland and Clan Sinclair as the treasure fleet destination, so what is a more reasonable destination?

Directly across the Bay of Biscay is/was a Knights Templar owned and controlled city known as Santiago de Compostela, where the body of Saint James was supposedly buried and rediscovered. This city was at the time of the Templar the biggest pilgrimage destination outside of Rome and Jerusalem.

Did the supposed Templar Treasure come here?

While the various European crowns and Bishops were arresting Knights Templar, the same could not be said in Portugal and Catholic controlled Spain. Many historical records show these two countries welcomed the Knights Templar to the point of petitioning the Pope to create various new orders to absorb them. The following link is a great read which details this fact.

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The Knights Templar were officially dissolved as an order in 1312. Please read for details

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With all of this said, what happened to the supposed treasure?

This writer contends a good portion of the treasure went to bribing the very men who comprised the Council of Vienne. While the Knights Templar may have been dissolved, land wealth taken away, and the banking system for the Pope removed from their control, they were not convicted of heresy thus saving their eternal souls for heaven.

The remaining wealth most likely went towards the Portuguese and Spanish Crown as protection money until the various orders mentioned above were created in 1318.

Processus factus contra Templarios in Scotia 1309 clearly disproves supposed protection offered to the Knights Templar by clan Sancto Claro/St. Clair/Sinclair.

I have tried to attach the document for everyone to read; however it is 728kb when the maximum attachment size is 500kb


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Quote:Posted by n4N224CCWI have tried to attach the document for everyone to read; however it is 728kb when the maximum attachment size is 500kb

Very interesting take on the treasure...and well worth investigating.    As for the attachment, since you are a full member now, you can add it to the downloads.....just go to the downloads tab, select documents, then select Legendary Treasures.   Once you are there, just use the "Add a Download" function.

Looking forward to reading it.


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Thanks man, "Processus factus contra Templarios in Scotia 1309" document added to the download section.

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Hey n4N224CCW

Very interresting, and thanks for document added to the download section.

Kind regards


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maybe the treasure  of the knight of the templars is in france  the treasure of french royalty  true the ages  maybe there the one who got the treasure of the knight and its know the royal  treasure of the govt of france know

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