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« on: October 13, 2009, 09:19:31 am »
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The list "cy son les freres qui sen son fouy... ..."
in Old French text that says: Here are listed the brothers that are buried.

And so we know, first of all, and so Rochemaure belonged to Guigues, son of Lambert IV. This one was Master of the templar province of Provence. He gives up Rochemaure to his brother on July 28th, 1296 so at first Rochemaure goes away from the interest of the Temple but rest in the sphere of influence of this last one by a safe family link. Besides Guigues don't knows perfectly its lands, its castle and what it can have there below!
It is of this moment when we find in this geographical sector some knights of the Temple whose names will appear on an entitled little known document: " cy son les freres qui sen son fouy... ... " which gives evidence irrefutably of the leak of Knight Templars who were able to evacuate of France before even the famous raid orchestrated by Nogaret and Philippe le Bel. According to the translation of Sallaezo these knights thus began in 1305 the gathering in a single place of the deposit scattered in various places.


The first concerned place was near Villeneuve-les-Avignon. It was about Salvator who will become later Sauveterre.
We shall find the information of a deposit " in the Revolution which will also concern the order of the Carthusian monks. When we know the narrow links linking both orders cartusien and Knight Templar there is nothing surprising in the fact that he has confusion with the deposit of the Temple and the Carthusian monks of Avignon of which was conveniently. It will be the same with the Benedictines on this sector there. Their hiding place will be discovered on the municipality of Pujault in some km of Sauveterre... The legend claims that a part of the message was still registered on the pillar of a property still lived by the sector.


The old text specified that in Orange the deposit was situated near the commanderie of the ancient templar dependence. The system of coding was partially contained in the name patronymic given to the cathedral by the Knight Templars: N.D. of Nazareth who is a very rare use " of orientalism " adapted to a western cathedral. The coding was very simple. First of all a wall decoration painted in the cathedral gave the local information allowing, permanently, to find the place. And the locality containing the hiding place lived in the anagram of Nazareth: "Tehazan" whom we find in acts until 1483 dates in which onemysteriously it changes radically name!.


The manuscript translated by Sallaezo mentions then the third point as being Avignon. Clement V seems to ignore the precise place. But once the emptied hiding place it was reused advantageously by the popes from Avignon who appreciated the ingenuity. The last pontiff to use it to leave posthaste the papal surrounding wall was Pedro de Luna who left the secret to the ambassador of Venice. The coded system used, to indicate the place, the name of Ste Marthe to arrive at the place said " of Dragon " that she brings down in the legend. Sallaezo adds that the "brought down" term calls the earth-movings (and not the destruction of the monster) realized near "Chausse-Marthe" in the 13th S. by the workers unskilled road workers of the Temple to reach the den of " Wouivre of the ground ".


Today the chapel of the Knight Templars is completely ruined and there are nothing of the buildings there adjacent. It is this place that will leave the fourth deposit according to the old text which states a very precious object and documents which accompany it. A legend assures that the Romanic chapel was built on a ancient crypt giving access to a reorganized underground network allowing to join the ancient house of Rock St Secret... We shall note, just in case, the spot researches for a German group in the 1950/ 1952 on a place against named bottom " Tombe pleine "  ( full tomb ) on the old dens. Sallaezo translates that the precious object would have been able to be identified as a replica of the famous " Ba-phomet " because the used word is "CAPUT"...


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