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« on: August 19, 2019, 12:43:16 pm »
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Young Archie climbed up the monkey bars then hung upside down by entwining his legs in the rungs. He saw veronica looking oddly and laughing at him. He did not notice the coins tumble from his pocket as he swung back and forth performing for the apple of his eye. The bell rang ending recess.

It was phy ed period for the grade 4's. A treat. Miss Ames the teacher drew a large circle in the dirt with the aid of her classroom pointer.This pointer was well known to the class and doubled as an "administrative means of disciple" in the classroom. Barbaric by today's standards. The class was divided in two by the teacher who designated Jughead as captain of one team while Betty with her newly braided twin pigtails led the other. Jughead immediately began with his "oinking" sounds with his team following in
chorus berating Betty and her squad. Miss Ames stepped in and whacked her pointer across the monkey bars putting an end to that nonsense. Around the circle Betty's team took up positions and started picking Jughead's team off one by one with the volleyball. Jughead was left alone in the ring of fire. Doing everything he could not to get hit but in doing so failed to notice the marble hole in his way. He tumbled to the ground as his lunch money littered the field. Betty let loose with the ball striking Jughead squarley in the head. The school bell rang and the period was over.

Several decades passed. One day a man of many years entered the school yard. He turned on his ancient detector and began to swing it side to side in a measured,and long mastered sweep.Minutes passe. Hours passed. The "bell" from his machine chimed repeatedly. Coins were recovered. The old man began to tire and stooped over while swinging. The 50th coin with 51 in the same hole that he had meticulously dug with his tool of the trade. The quest was over. Quota was made. As he slowly made his way back to his car he noticed the faint traces in the dirt. Traces of a huge circle. The old man smiled , recalling fond memories from days past.

Once home he added the coins which totaled $11.15 were added to the jar. The jar which would help make more memories from across the pond!


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