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« on: August 28, 2017, 11:57:19 am »
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After a weeks house arrest on a medical beef went and saw my dealer. Doctor Witch Doctor MD. Man had good stuff that took the pain away like R.O.L.A.I.D.S. but not the memory of the fall last week that took me away from my business. Had to look see that my territory was still in tact.

High on life I grabbed a pair of my homebouys Freedom 3 and and Seahunter MK. Decided on Nogo Sojo for the ride as Wreck Havoc couldn't do a long stretch with his check engine light in a far out orange colour man. Good for the hood but not much else these days!

Hit a hangout for the Rugrats Gang on the south side. By the looks of the empties and garbage they had had themselves a hardy party. Was one wannbe gangster hanging around wit da street name Dwag E. Dew on my turf................stuffed him in a dumpster........like man purifying the air................righteous! Scored my first key (see photo below) by the penalty spot along with some gud Canuck Copper, Nickleback Beaver, Dime of your Time, Quarter Moose, Moonie Lonnie and Twoonie makes you Gooney. Was a cornucopia for a junkie digaholic like me. Freedom 3 was ....like....man in his zone. All gud stuff bro. Felt the pressure man...the "heat"...all around like too intense so it was time to vacate as the sweat poured off me. Time for slip and dip. Time to shake the heat which I'm sure was close to Five Oh.

Like I was half way to my meet with Mr. Q and no amount of heat or bangers were going to stop me from. I was zoned in, wired like the calling was filling my head. At the drink the usual crowd of mothers, brothers and escapes of the heat were chilling. Freedom 3 remained with Nogo as I took Seahunter for this hit. Waist high....bang...another key...bang....a gathering of Quarter Moose with a dash of Times on your Time members. Waved the leave of peace man ...had enough as the Witch Docotor's meds wore off and reality hit this homebouy....who went home having met Mr. Q......for quota! Like the Thing or Thingie said on the movie Fantastic Four said, "Don't do drugs."

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