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« on: August 08, 2021, 03:31:39 pm »
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Triple "D" #7 with over "Q"
All the back roads to Truro with stops along the way including Brookfield to watch a few innings of fastball. Brought back fond memories but must say the drive that far was far from pleasant with half ton pick ups on Nogo's tail just rearing to pass. They did only for me to catch up to them a few kilometers up the road. Only cars that did not pass me (as always driving 5 clicks over the speed limit) was a pair of gray headed men and their ladies in convertibles. That would never be me for two reasons; don't like convertibles and secondly I have very little hair. Thinking this new found freedom from the lock down has brought out the worst in most drivers.
Hit three spots which netted me 4 over "Q" as Quota Guru was up to snuff. Unlike me who limped through the outing. $14.52 added to the "Back to the UK in 2021 Fund."
Well we did spot stops at Masstown for veggies, jam and watermelon which we devoured with great haste. Stopped at Robin's for peppermint tea, coffee and a dozen assorted Robin eggs that went down lickety split. Of course going towards Enfield a stop at the mandatory Chocolate place left me $15 poorer.
Safely home now and called an emergency meeting with Capt. Morgan and Coxen Dye Ed Coke. As the kipper's would say I'm bloody bleeding brilliantly after my meeting which will end when the bottle is empty. On a foot note would your better half rag you out for a trunk that looks like a Wayward Home for lost metal detectors and their parts?


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