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Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505 and MPX
« on: May 12, 2012, 10:45:31 pm »
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  Over the last few months my detecting has suffered due to my favorite unit having front panel issues.  Since my only two unit's are pretty much just beginner units, I told myself that I was not going to buy anything that I would outgrow before the end of the year again.  Since I have plenty of important things to spend my money on, I have been studying ebay, etc. for a while and came across an Eagle Spectrum for $150.00 with only a couple of hours left.  What really caught my eye was that the seller posted it under "outdoor sports"!

  Well, I dropped my $260.00 bid with 15 second left and came away with the unit for $225.  I like to think that I accomplished what I set out to do but the unit is not here yet and the seller did say that it does have a power connection problem when the unit is shaken up.  Since I have read that the battery connections can give problems, I didn't let that stop me.

  So now that I have a unit that will force me to go back to school and learn the hobby all over again, Does anyone have any thoughts on the following issues?

  -- My 505 really sucked at the beach so I only took it there twice,  What can I expect to have to do to get my new unit to deal with salt water?

  --  My 505 was simply awesome with it's 4 inch coil.  Is there any particular White's coil that stands out above all the rest that will work on the E Spec in trashy spots without loosing too much depth?  I don't mind having to swing 4 to 1 compared to an 8 inch coil.  To date, three of my best four finds was with the 505's 4" prospecting coil. 

  --  I have read a few things about a bigfoot coil and have to ask if anyone has any thoughts on a 10+ inch White's coil that will not only let me cover a lot of ground but also give me more depth with decent separation?

  --  Since this is a pretty old detector, it wasn't a very big surprise to me that I have read a few things about certain upgrades, etc.  I would love to hear from y'all about any additions or upgrades that might be available for this unit (or any warnings about rip off upgrades).  Also, would you guys recommend that I send it to Whites for a "tune up"?  How much would it normally cost to send this unit in if I try it our for a while and can't get it to perform up to the standards that I have read in reviews?  Are there any high failure components that eventually wear down and test out of tolerance?  What kind of tech literature can I expect to eventually find for this unit. 

   I noticed that there and a few very good replies to this site's previous posts that cover everything from techniques to programs.  I just want to thank those guys for their previous replies that I will certainly be studying over the next month or so.  I can't wait for my new toy to show up!!  I can't wait to start downloading programs and read every little tip on it's operation!


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Attention: This topic has been locked. Hence no new replies can currently be posted to it.

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