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« Reply #40 on: April 28, 2011, 08:08:59 am »
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Quote:Posted by Alan Hassell
in actual fact the name ICINI is genuine, the language that is spoken today is exactly the same as what they spoke in Britain in those days too.  Also the English academics are so blind that they have been unable to or refuse to reveal the burial site where Boadecea is buried.
This again is a cover up by the academics who dont want the truth to be revealed because it affect the very foundation of religion in Britain.  It is documented too many times in the old ancient documents that Christianity began in Britain in AD 35 - 37 read nennius, Gildas and also Geoffrey of Monmouths History of the kings of Britain as well as too many other documents still available.
The problem is the academics only read modern writings and fail miserably to read the old documents written when history was made.
These new writing are totally different to what was originally written hence the cover up with fabrications, fairy tales, myths and general bulldust that has no credibility.  I dont have to convince you personally, only you can do that for yourself. I am but an instrument of the truth and by informing you and others of these lies, you might question in your own mind why i continue along the path I do. Once you do start reading and researching the past you will understand why I am so persistent in this matter and want others to know the truth also.  It goes without saying that everyone really wants to know the real history not the fabrications we are told my academics whose diplomas are not worth the paper they are printed on and only fit for use in the DUNNY (australian term for the thunder box) or toilet hehe regards alan

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