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Treasure Hunting & Metal Detecting Forum Message Boards - Detector Hunter Whites Minelab Tesoro XP - Sitemap
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Board Subject Topics Posts
New User Introduction Welcome aboard! Introduce yourself to the other board members and share some information on yourself. 4936 38898
Community Board Anything related to our community such as questions, suggestions, updates, birthday greetings etc. 168 1105
Happy Birthday & Greetings Happy Birthday wishes & greetings to our members 21286 22622
Mugshots Don't be shy! Show us some pictures of yourself. 128 843
Site FAQ, Suggestions & Trouble Shooting Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our board. Or post and discuss site suggestions and problems here. 292 2209
Updates Read about the most recent Forum and Website Updates 41 324
Free Webhosting at THunting.com Free web page hosting as a subdomain of THunting.com! 13 49
Contests & Lotteries Participate in our free board lotteries and contests and win great prizes! 82 1815
Today's Finds Post images of your most recent finds and discuss them with others. 4167 30671
What is it? Help on identifying your unknown finds and on determing their values. 479 4762
Coins Post images of coins you found and discuss them with others. 103 720
Celtic Coins Celtic Coins 12 80
Roman Coins Roman Coins 30 141
Medieval Coins Medieval Coins 38 259
Modern Coins Post your coins dating from 1400 - present times here 57 480
US Coins Post all your US coins here 106 964
Ancient Finds For all your ancient finds. For examplke Celtic, Roman or Native American artefacts. 45 412
Celtic Post all your Celtic finds here. 28 272
Roman Finds Post all your Roman finds here 48 308
Medieval Finds Post all your Medieval finds here. 29 160
Native American Finds For all your native American finds such as arrow heads etc. 61 562
Stone Age Finds For all your stone age periode items such as stone arrowheads, tools etc. 17 145
Arms Discussion about antique and collectable arms including firearms and edged weapons. 36 324
Edged Weapons For all your edged weapon finds such as knifes, axes, sabers, swords etc. 13 118
Firearms & Ammunition Post all your firearm finds here such as muzzle loaders, pistols, guns etc. 52 429
Bottles, Glass & Ceramics There are glass and ceramic items that can be worth thousands and more. If you''ve found some interesting glass or ceramics, post it here. 73 620
Bottle Identification & Values You have some unidentified bottle or are looking to get one priced? Here's the right place. 65 403
Your Bottle Finds Post your bottle finds here 49 279
Bottle Dump Digging Do you enjoy digging and searching on bottle dumps? Here's the place to post! 39 367
Insulators For all your insulators ... post them here. 5 20
Privy Digging For all privy digging related topics. Post them here. 9 64
Jewellery Post images of jewelery such as rings, bracelets etc. and discuss them with others. 103 743
Rings Post your ring finds here 76 730
Relics The search for relics from battelfields, ghost towns etc. Your place for old items from the past - especially iron, lead etc. 284 2113
Buckles Post all your buckle finds here 13 83
Buttons Post all your button finds here 23 129
Tokens, Tags & Medals Discuss trade tokens, tags and medals of all kind. 108 584
Odds & Ends Your find doesn't fit anywhere else? Then post here. 131 1030
Die Cast For your Hot wheels, Trains, Planes, and ther die cast finds 59 224
My Best Finds Browse our members' most amazing discoveries. Have you made some great finds then This is THE place to show them off! 101 916
Annual Finds A place to post your year end totals, and best finds of the year. Including: 2006, 2007 & 2008 15 106
Metal Detecting in General Share your experiences here, and learn from others. 1842 12599
Beginners You are new to metal detecting? Here's the place to ask all the beginner questions. Don't be shy. We will be happy to answer all your questions. 673 5414
Beach & Shallow Water Exchange on metaldetecting at the beach and in the surf. 532 4541
Specific Brands & Reviews Discussion on metal detectors & personal reviews by brand 171 1077
Bounty Hunter Informaton and Talk about any detectors produced by Bounty Hunter. 83 696
C-Scope / Discovery Discussion on C-Scope machines from Great Britain, also known as Discovery in the USA. 13 61
Fisher m-scope Talk about detectors like the F-75, CZ Series, 1266, Aquanaut and others, made by the oldest manufacturer in the industry. 99 707
Garrett Information and discussion on all detectors made by Garrett. 236 2101
Minelab Talk about detectors from Minelab like the GP, Excalibur, Explorer and others. 221 1207
Teknetics Discussion on all Teknetics Models 44 261
Tesoro Talk about any Tesoro Machine such as the Lobo, Tejon, Cortes, Deleon and others 125 830
Troy Shadow Talk about the X3 and X5 bulit by Troy 6 16
Whites Chat about all Whites machines such as the MXT, XLT and others 233 1570
XP Detectors Discussion on Metal Detectors such as the GoldMaxx built by XP in France 19 160
Lost & Found Are you looking for a lostitem and need help finding it? Or have you found something and would like to return it to its owner? Here's the place to post it. 30 139
Cache Hunting Legends of lost treasure, mines and other caches are usually based on historical fact, here you can discuss them. 213 2214
Treasure Leads Are you aware of treasure but don't have the time to go after it? Talk about it here 154 1277
Legendary Treasures This area is about the most famous treasures and tales of all such as e.g. Oak Island, the Amber Room and many more. 253 3889
Amberroom & Nazi Gold 21 101
Eldorado, Aztec & Inca Gold 10 110
Beale Code 12 171
Cocos Island 15 113
Knights of the Golden Circle 44 1154
Oak Island 26 411
The Lost Dutchman Mine 18 333
Rennes le Chateau Discussion the treasure associated with Rennes le Chateau and Berenger Sauniere. 33 331
Templar Treasures & Holy Grail Discussion on the famous Templar Knights treasures who were also said to have kept the Holy Grail. 29 346
Victoria Peak 11 323
Yamashita Treasure 668 9977
Shipwrecks & Sunken Treasure Hunting for Treasure in rivers, lakes and the big blue ocean. Use the Shipwreck Forum to discuss sunken ships and other underwater treasures, and the technologies used to recover them. 538 2982
Diving For discussion of all diving related issues such as equipment, techniques, hints & more. 21 131
THunter's How To Everybody would like to find lost treasure but how to go about it? Here is the place to share and discuss all kind of treasure hunting related aspects, techniques and methods. 156 1381
Cleaning, Preservation & Storage Share your find restoration and preservation techniques with others here and discuss how to best store and display your finds. 79 727
Legal Issues Discussion on the legal aspects of the search for treasure: Laws etc. 95 1014
Maps & Treasure Marks If you have old maps (uncopyrighted / public domain) that you'd like to share, here's the place. You can also discuss tree marks, rock carvings, and other treasure signs and symbols. 307 3324
GPS & Geocaching Talk about using GPS for Treasure Hunting or Geo Caching. Discuss different GPS systems or share your coordinates with others. 19 112
Recommended Reading Have you read a great book or magazine on treasure hunting, metal detecting etc.? Why not recommend it to others or discuss it here. 99 567
GPR & other Geophysical Devices Anything on Ground Penetrating Radar and other Geophysical Devices 147 1267
Magnetometers Anything on land and underwater Magnetometers 85 673
Side Scan Sonar Anything on Side Scan Sonars 16 162
Metal Detectors Discussion of Do It Yourself Metal Detector Projects, Circuits etc. 310 2631
BFO Anything related to BFO Designs & Coils. 39 450
PI Designs & Deepseekers Anything on PI Designs, Coils & Projects and Deepseekers such as Two Box Detectors 566 9111
VLF Designs Anything on VLF Metal Detector Designs, Coils & Projects 270 2408
Modifications, Do It Yourself & Repairs Is your detector broken and you seek help? Or have you modified your detector or other gear? Share your mods, projects and ideas with others here! 623 6617
Test Equipment for DITY Projects 30 136
Black Box Technologies Unconventional methods used by some Treasure Hunters & Prospectors. Long Range Locators, Frequency Discriminators, Harmonic Induction, Magnetics. Do they work? 152 3334
Dowsing Using the power of the mind to search for Hidden & Lost Treasures. Map Dowsing, Photo Dowsing, Information Dowsing, Mental Discrimination techniques. 140 2029
Fossils, Meteorites, Rocks & Gems Forum dedicated to fossil-, meteorites and gems hunting, collecting and identification. Talk about locations, techniques, finds, and more. 300 2775
Prospecting Talk Talk about Dredging, Paning, Sluicing, Hard Rock Mining and Nuget Hunting. 610 5104
For sale ... Sell or trade treasure hunting related items such as metal detectors, books or finds. Includes eBay Auction listings. 389 1554
Antiques & Finds Here you can list your antiques, finds and other collectable items 31 141
Metal Detectors List your Metal Detectors and Accesories here 230 750
Online Auctions (eBay etc.) Promote your own eBay auctions or share interesting eBay auction links with others. (Only Treasure Hunting related items please) 41 190
Wanted to buy ... If you want to buy anything treasure hunting related inlcuding finds etc. then post it here. 293 967
Trade Center Do you have anything for trade? Post it here. 67 231
Antiques & Collectibles in General The collector's place! Discuss values, conditions, and more. Including but not limited to: Paintings, Clocks, Dolls/Bears, Musical Instruments, Nautical Equipment, Photographic Equipment ... 68 531
Coins A forum for the coin collector: Discuss conditions, values and more. 161 1112
Coin Roll Hunting Rare coins can be found by purchasing rolls of coins from banks. Misstrikes, silver, proof and others. Post your "Roll Hunting" experiences and questions here! 9 69
Paper Currencies Not all treasure is gold, silver and gems! Some paper money is valuebale too! Post your paper money finds and collections here. 16 115
Garage Sale Finds Have you made a great garage sale discovery? Post it here! 43 382
Military Relics & Uniforms Discussion about Military related collectables such as Uniforms, Medals etc. 31 177
Aircraft The search for aircraft and their parts is discussed here. 31 281
Ghost Towns Where the past meets the present: Share stories of your ghost town sites and adventures here 127 788
Old Buildings & Ruins Discuss or post pictures of old historic building or ruins such as castles etc. 50 273
Underground Systems & Shelters Going down: Discussion about Treasure Hunting under the earth like in Mines, Caves or (WWII) Shelters. 27 361
European History Discussion on Europe's history and events 2 8
The Celts Anything about the Celts 750 BC. Christus - 400 AC 2 14
Roman Empire Anything about the Romans and Roman Empire 600 BC - 500 AC 2 6
Middle Ages Anything about the time periode 500 AC - 1500 AC 5 24
US Historic Wars Discussion on US based historic wars 6 33
US Civil War Discussion about the US Civil War 40 199
US Revolutionary War Discussion on the US Revolutionary War from New England to the Southern States. 3 22
World Wars Discussion on World War I and World War II 4 7
World War I Discussion on the 1st World War and its events 6 75
World War II Discussion about the 2nd World War and its events 48 280
Pirates Anything related to Pirates, Buccaneers and Privaters. 46 288
Myths & Legends Discuss historical Myths and Legends such as for example Atlantis, the Ark etc. 55 443
Treasure in the News Pieces of news on lost treasure, archeological discoveries, metal detecting and more. 4068 7713
TV Guide Post information about upcoming TV shows focusing on treasure hunting or metal detecting. 14 65
Buddy Directory Are you looking for a detecting or treasure hunting buddy? Here's the place to post! 102 274
Clubs & Groups Introduce your club or local groups to others. 53 201
Upcoming & Past Events Post information on your upcoming or past events such as club meetings, metal detecing rallys, TV features etc. and link them to our calendar of events. 52 188
Usefull Links A well choosen selection of usefull links posted by our board members. 11 43
Archeological Links 12 86
Collecting Links 8 24
Metal Detecting Links 30 159
Prospecting Links 19 133
Treasure Hunting Links 8 31
Misc All links which don't fit in the other categories but are of interest 18 114
USA Discussion by state. Talk about lost treasure, metal detecting hot spots and more. Share your research and learn from others. 12 143
Alabama 22 60
Alaska 7 29
Arizona 21 101
Arkansas 9 26
California 33 140
Colorado 9 32
Connecticut 8 34
Delaware 6 17
District of Columbia 0 0
Florida 27 192
Georgia 10 33
Hawaii 2 7
Idaho 19 207
Illinois 17 85
Indiana 19 192
Iowa 4 9
Kansas 4 12
Kentucky 4 31
Louisiana 3 5
Maine 6 24
Maryland 6 9
Massachusetts 4 7
Michigan 7 18
Minnesota 6 32
Mississippi 5 11
Missouri 16 55
Montana 1 1
Nebraska 1 1
Nevada 6 13
New Hampshire 3 5
New Jersey 6 19
New Mexico 29 192
New York 10 40
North Carolina 11 48
North Dakota 1 1
Ohio 8 27
Oklahoma 9 49
Oregon 16 148
Pennsylvania 15 101
Rhode Island 1 1
South Carolina 15 62
South Dakota 1 1
Tennessee 15 100
Texas 57 398
Utah 27 125
Vermont 2 2
Virginia 12 36
Washington 21 128
West Virginia 8 23
Wisconsin 5 20
Wyoming 2 2
Treasure Hunting Abroad Here you can discuss treasure hunting and metal detecing in specific countries. E.g. what are the specific laws? Where to hunt? As well as local talk and much more. 27 4954
Africa 19 117
Asia (Japan, Philippines ...) 68 487
Australia 59 505
Canada 28 170
France 43 317
Germany 8 38
Great Britain 40 313
Greece 3 44
Italy 4 13
Mexico 12 52
Middle East (Iran, Iraq ...) 8 53
Poland 0 0
Russia 5 28
South Americas (Costa Rica ...) 6 20
Spain 4 36
Turkey 3 12
Chit Chat & Everything Else Here you can talk just about everybody and everything. Or if your post just doesn't fit anywhere else, post it here. 1093 20516
Computer Problems Post here if you have run into problems with your computer. Maybe some can give you a hand. 35 287
Humour & Jokes Here's the place to tell your jokes. If you'vce got a good one please share it with us here. You can also post funny pictures and other humorous things here. 390 2081
Politics Discuss politics and world events. But please stay polite and reasonable. 61 1278
Religion For God's sake! This is the place to discuss religion. Please stay kind and remain tolerant. 18 393
My Favourites Here you can discuss your favorite books, movies, music, or recipes? Or discuss your favorite activities - besides treasure hunting such as sports 3 8
Books 15 70
Food & Recipes 16 157
Hobbies & Sports Talk about all your hobbies including but not limited to cars, pets or sports 17 67
Movies & TV Shows 24 243
Music 10 18
Photos Post your favourite photos. Or most unqize photos or those that are of interest to others. 12 25
Campers and RVs 8 62
Storytellers Tell us your favourite story for example about your most thrilling find, treasure hunting expirience or anything else that will catch your readers attention 55 316
Voting Booth The place to express your opinion! Post your treasure hunting and metal detecting-related polls here. 19 428
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