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Find in 2015
Album - Owner: Frankf1050 - 11 items
This album will be used to chronicle my finds for 2015, but I will post some of my previous find, but only the good ones.  I have added my favorite finds in the coin category in the next day or so I will add two of my favorite jewelry finds.
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1964 Washington Quarter
This quarter was removed from a local park in Wakulla County, just south of Tallahassee.
 Views: 845
Mar 15, 2015
1958 Roosevelt Dime
This dime was taken from the same local park in Tallahassee near a picnic area.
 Views: 853
Mar 15, 2015
1957 Washington Quarter
This quarter came out of the ground from a local park in Tallahassee, I removed a whole lot of trash and clads before this quarter turned up.
 Views: 821
Mar 15, 2015
1950 Roosevelt Dime
This dime was found on Saint Teresa's Beach along the Gulf of Mexico near an abandoned property, but it was not in sand it was in a grassy area.
 Views: 828
Mar 15, 2015
1946 Roosevelt Dime
This dime is in pretty nice condition and was found near Saint Teresa's Beach in the Big Bend area of North Florida.
 Views: 746
Mar 15, 2015
1917 Mercury Dime
This dime was found right next to the Bare Breasted Liberty Quarter at a North Florida high school.
 Views: 756
Mar 15, 2015
1917-1919 Bare Breasted Liberty Quarter
This coin also came from the old high school the date is worn off but it is a bare breasted liberty which was only produced between 1917 to 1919 from my understanding. Please correct me if I am wrong.
 Views: 737
Mar 15, 2015
1909 Barber Quarter
This is another North Florida Coin found at an abandoned church property.
 Views: 812
Mar 15, 2015
1907 Barber Dime
This Barber Dime is in pretty good condition it was located at an old high school in North Florida.
 Views: 805
Mar 15, 2015
1895 Barber Quarter
This Barber Quarter is in pretty poor condition, but it is the only 1800's coin I have found, again it was found down in the Keys, but I don't remember exactly where, but it was not in the saltwater.
 Views: 784
Mar 15, 2015
1733 Spanish Fleet Silver Coins
These four coins were found Oceanside of Walker's Key in the middle Florida Keys from one of the 1733 Spanish vessel that went down in a hurricane.  The coins were in about 12 feet of water in coarse sand and as you can see in 255 years they took a beating.
 Views: 970
Mar 15, 2015

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