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« on: September 29, 2009, 10:44:55 am »
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A little background into two of the major players involved in the many problems, attacks, and outright lies we have been forced to endure over the years since the publication of our first book, "Arthur King of Glamorgan & Gwent".

In 1939 Leslie Alcock was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Indian army, and he spent a three weeks leave at Mohenjidaro, where Mortimer Wheeler was excavating the ancient Pakistan city. In 1945 he presented himself at Cardiff University and on the strength of his three weeks vacation at Mohenjidaro he was employed in the Archaeology Department. Needless to say this northern Englishman had no qualification in History or in Archaeology, and knew zero about Wales or its history and heritage. In the 1960's this genius took Cardiff University out of Wales and into England for seven years of excavations at Cadbury Hill in Somerset falsely claiming that Cadbury Hill was King Arthur's "Camelot".

This is strange as Arthur II is provably a Glamorgan King, and the main residence of the Glamorgan Kings was at Caer Melyn (Ca'Melot) also known as Cu-Bwrd ? Kibbor to the Normans, and Cu means "mutually together" and Bwrdd means "table". A castle stood on this Castle Field certainly well into the 15th Century and a wedding is recorded as taking place there in AD 1454.

It is utterly ludicrous that an Englishman took the largest Welsh University of Cardiff in Glamorgan over into England for seven years in search of a Glamorgan King whose main residence was in the north perimeter of Cardiff, and whose massively recorded funeral took place in Glamorgan. The Castle Field in North East Cardiff is visible from the upper floors of the building housing the archaeology Department of Cardiff University.

It is hilarious that Leslie Alcock stated in his book "Arthur's Britain" (about which he knew next to nothing) that all the names around Cadbury Hill in Somerset that implied that Cadbury was Camelot were forged and invented by King Henry VIII's Itinerary, one John Leland of Somerset, in AD 1534.

Gareth Dowdell from South Wales, who left school aged 16 with no qualifications, presented himself at English Heritage in London. Not having any qualifications he awarded himself a bogus BA Honours Degree in Archaeology from Southampton University (who have no record of him), and he was sent to work in the West Country. In a period of high unemployment the government threw money at anyone who could provide some form of work and archaeology flourished as cash to pay diggers was available in large amounts.

When English Heritage sent someone to check the sites being funded and the numbers of diggers being paid he found that neither the sites nor the diggers existed.

Well English Heritage called in Scotland Yard and the Police prepared to investigate. Then English Heritage realized that they would get very bad publicity out of this mess, and they asked the Police to stop. This the Police could not do as a criminal offence had been reported. The solution was that English Heritage told a junior clerical worker to burn 1,200 files that wre redundant and clogging up the system. This junior person duly burned 1,200 files but he mistakenly burned some of the wrong files, and so if you ask to see the Deeds of the 2000 years old Dover Castle, you will not get to see them (or a few other places as well). So there was no investigation and faces were saved.

This man with the phoney Honours degree then returned to Wales and announced that he had been working for English Heritage and he was immediately welcomed into the rackets in Wales. A typical organization would be an Archaeological "Trust", which is complete misuse of the word. One "Trust", the infamous Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological "Trust" Company Limited was pulling in over ?550,000 a year by 1985 and now in 2008 that would probably be worth around ?4 million and there were four "trusts" in Wales. As it must have cost around ?1,000 a week to run the dingy office on Swansea Docks, one wonders where the other ?10,000 a week went. This "trust" had three university academics and three national museum employees on its board of directors. Gareth Dowdell was Secretary of this "Trust".

Forbidden Research

[ Top ]

It finally became abundantly clear that it was Politically Incorrect and Religiously Incorrect to undertake any research whatsoever into the massive array of British Historical records, relics, and sites. Anyone doing so would be subjected to an organized dirty tricks campaign involving government, both national and local, the bureaucrats, the police, the bent courts, the inept universities, and their controlled friends in the media. Adolf Hitler was not the only bent bastard in the 20th Century.

So Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett had wandered into a very dangerous minefield. Below is only a small portion of both Alan and Baram's experiences, and is told here in order that the readers may get the message.

So myself and my colleague Baram Blackett had wandered into a very dangerous minefield. We are not confronted by a lack of evidence or paucity of proofs, as there is almost too much positive evidence to handle, and instead we are confronted by an evil conspiracy of immense proportions. This diseased anti-British caucus has somehow taken on a life of its own and it has corrupted almost every part of life in this pro-Hanoverian and anti-British confused State.

Open warfare had existed between the London government "Establishment" that does not deserve to be called British, since the early 1980's and it was concealed by the media.

There can be no doubt that our researches and publications in 1981,1982, 1983 and 1986, caused alarm and consternation in the "trusts" in Wales. The detail of this fills a book that is being put together. We were clearly a major problem for Cardiff University.

Quangoland Wales

[ Top ]

The consternation amongst the English and Scots in Cardiff (Wales) University can only be imagined when we began the first serious Researches into the voluminous histories of South East Wales. The English monarchy did not like it, and the Roman church did not like it either, and the academics were in a panic, but the corrupt politicians and Grant Farmers of Wales were the most agitated of all.

So far - to this date of 2008 - no one in authority in Wales is prepared to meet with us or give us a hearing. In 1986 the BBC TV Wales contribution was to make a series ten one hour programmes all of which preached the total falsehoods of primitive ancient British and Welsh Barbarism and avoided every record and site. HTV Wales, the independent ? channel, also came up with a series of nine one hour programmes that were equally ludicrous and entirely negative, and which also avoided every historical record and site. The Great Little Gravy Trains of Wales rolled on and the privileged season ticket holders and their wives and families enjoyed the benefits of Public Funds in Quangoland.

Wales is known as Quangoland because it was run like an African or Pacific Island colony of England. The was no minister for Education, or Agriculture, or Health, or whatever, there was just the secretary of State for Wales. This was a license to print money, and the Taffia Mafia were not about to let anyone rock their boats floating on an ocean of cash. There was widespread corruption, and little did we know it then, but our researches into Arthur were going to cause a huge stir in some already very murky waters.

For those who may not know a Quango is a "Quasi-Unelected-Autonomous-Government Organization". In short when most basic industries like Water supply, Gas, Electricity, etc, etc, were publicly owned the ruling political party nominated people to sit as Boards of Governors or Directors of those Public owned organizations. Naturally this was the perfect way to reward political friends, politicians wives, husbands, sons and daughters, uncles, aunts cousins, girl friends, or whoever. They went along to three or four Board meetings every year on matters of which they knew next to nothing and picked up a salary. One press report stated that on the Water Board of a tiny Welsh country there were fifty-four Quango members. There were some one hundred and fifty four Quangos in Quangoland Wales.

Artorius Rex Smear Campaign

[ Top ]

A smear campaign was launched with two letters of "Opinion" on "Artorivs Rex Discovered" published in 1986.

Graham Cole the Chief Executive of Ogwyr Borough Council, was asked by his Council to investigate and prepare a Report on the Wilson & Blackett researches. This was to be sent to all the 21 City and Borough Councils in South Wales.

This official Mr Graham Cole: -

    * Never read any of our four books published by 1986.
    * He never met with us.
    * He never wrote to us.
    * He never telephoned us.
    * He never Faxed us.
    * He could not have e-mailed us.
    * He did not even send a message by carrier pigeon.
    * He did not go anywhere near a HISTORIAN.

What he did do was: -

    * He accepted a short childish report from the genius Gareth Dowdell who was Secretary of the infamous Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological "trust" Company Limited. This uneducated and unqualified person naturally condemned our work in a negative and childish letter.

    * He accepted another disgraceful letter from Professor W H Manning of Cardiff University, and the letter was written on Archaeological Department paper from that very same University. This man Manning simply wrote that the work of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett was "a mass of nonsense from start to finish".

      Amazing as it may seem to normal folk Manning has a Ph D, and a B Sc, in CHEMISTRY, and NO qualification in History. He was a Director of Gareth Dowdell's money spinning Archaeological "trust". An English grant-farming Chemist would naturally be the person to consult on ancient Khumric-Welsh History.
    * Graham Cole also accepted a letter from one B C Thomas the Assistant Planner of Taff-Ely Borough Council, who advised Cole to mention in his report that I had an extensive Criminal record. Graham Cole duly did - regardless of the FACT that I have never been convicted of any crime whatsoever, wheresoever, or whensoever, anywhere on Planet Earth.

    * A few months after Cole's "report" that was distributed to all 21 various City and Borough Councils in South Wales, Thomas was convicted of corruption in several charges in the Newport Crown Court and sent to jail. By then the immense damage had already been done to myself and colleague Baram Blackett, along with our Historical Researches.

The Four Horsemen of the Welsh Apocalypse are: -

    * Graham Cole - the extraordinary clairvoyant investigator.
    * Gareth Dowdell - the Grant Farming con-man, awarded himself University Honours Degree.
    * Manning the Chemist and Dowdell's "side-kick".
    * B C Thomas - who finished up in Jail on corruption charges.

The whole story of the several other extraordinary assaults on ourselves in 1986 will be exhibited elsewhere, and the reader must be ready to marvel at the audacity of these offences and the corruption of society, government, and courts, that protected the perpetrators. The anti-Tourist activities of the Wales Tourist Board make Cole's antics look sane.


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