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« on: September 10, 2021, 12:50:13 pm »
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The first thought of the day is when I rolled out of bed putting my feet on the floor, getting up and letting out an ungodlily scream.! Felt as if some one had taken a rapier and drove it through both knees. Second thought is the upcoming visit with a specialist doctor who is going also to puncture my knee with the replacement. At this point of the day I imagined that I had come back as a pin cushion for some old lady seamstress. The third thought of the day was the hardest to swallow as the last of my family of 4 of the Freedom Series detector has died. The pain...the horror. Surfed the net and put want ads all over to find a replacement Quota Guru.

Heading out of my abode I lugged Zen Guru knowing for a fact it was going to cause me great despair. Arriving at the park it did not take me long to notice that the "Detectorist Tank Trap Terrorist" had made an appearance. Little did I know at this time the grief "HE" would cause! First find of the day was a spill of 2 coins, then a key 2 dewies then to my delight a set of "SEE No evil, speak no evil and hear no evil" monkeys. As I resumed my swing disaster struck as I stepped into one of the holes the terrorist had left. It was an old one covered in grass and debris and did it's job putting this bouy out of action. A cry resounded that scattered every crow in the park. Limped back to Nogo turning on the heated seats even though I was bathed in sweat. Good timing as a monsoon hit the area. The trap had saved me from getting wet at least. The heat quelled the wild beast within and eventually stopped the verbose onslaught of nasty words i was saying to no one in particular. The terrorist wanker is fur shore on me hit list.

Stopping on the way home to feed Nogo with regular and check his oil I entered the store to pay noticing that I had a lottery ticket in my wallet. The attendant in his broken English told me I had won $400 by making the "X" on A Salsa Bingo ticket...bloody brilliant!

Once home with a good dose of meds it was back to the real life of Walter Mitty doing laundry and hobbling around to do the dishes and sweeping. Did manage to hit the bank and get 50 pounds UK @$91 Canuck for the "Back to the UK in August Fund."


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