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« on: May 29, 2012, 06:35:34 pm »
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From the land of the Bluenose......school!  Yes me bouy it was that time of year again.  This year's subject was "Duty to Accommodate" and "Mental Illness" in the work place.  Took till the last day of the course to realize that it wasn't me they were talking about.

Classes were long and the flow of information was at over load  but this bouy paid keen attention.  Was sad to be sitting next to folks from various departments within the Atlantic region who had had half their staff get the "Harper" pink slip.

Evening were spent on the 2nd floor hospitality lounge with some great guitar picking, singing and story telling of the horrors that the Harper government had created in the public service sector with all the layoffs in an attempt to balance a budget.  Being a chartered local rather then a government one I could only empathize.  At this rate the Public Service Alliance of Canada will be just a memory by the time the next federal election is due in 2015.

On the third day after class I did manage to get out for a half hour dig but had my homework on my mind.  Each of the classes had to prepare a skit or play for our last night.  Of course numb nuts here volunteered to write ours.  Theme was Stephen Harper hates me.  For those outside of Canada he is our Prime Minister at present and holds a majority government.

Here is an abbreviated rendition of what I wrote for our class to perform.

"Evening ladies and gentlemen.  I am Capt. Union Canuck of the 1st Nova Scotian Duty to Accommodate Battalion.  We are pleased this evening to present out battalion chant."

"Ready on the left."
"Ready on the  right"
"Ready on the picket line."

(I shout the first line of the verse and my battalion responses with the 2nd line and so on .  The march is choreographed with folks waving union and Canadian flags.)

Stephen Harper is the Man
Who wants to steal your pension plan.
When he needs more cash to spend
You know your job will surely end.
Throw Stephen Harper out the door.
Twenty fifteen just to late.

Fighters, frigates and bills galore
Sending Canadians off to war.
While at home he fills no need
Giving in to corporate greed.


Now is the time that we must act
All Canadians must make a pact.
Solidarity and we have no fear
Put our boots to Harper's rear.

Rehearsal with some of the class.
 Got out the next evening for 15 minutes and popped a few pennies but was bone tired from our march to Member of Parliament Peter McKay's office.
These two bouys from  a New Brunswick airport have now been on strike for 105 days.
While this bouy flies a F35 jet that the government plans to buy.
Eyeballed the football field for a dig but gut to thinking that the letsche tool would just not penetrate the astro turf and concrete.
Sunday and it was time to take Otto from Antigonish and point her home.....at least till the first playing field came into site and a fix of quota was had.
Back to work Monday and I was planning on a dig after work but Marie side tracked me to her mother's for birthday cake...another missed opportunity to dig and too boot this bouy is now officially 2 years from the Canada Pension.......iffen Harper doesn't spend it.


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