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« Reply #10 on: February 07, 2009, 05:15:06 pm »
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Quote:Posted by {author}
It is too bad that there are still people believing in L (Long ) R ( Range ) L ( locators ) . Even with a little of technical ( electronics ) knowledge you should know it is impossible . But of course as a scamming tool it is very valuable . If you are not up to the facts you may want to invest in  a ,, unit ,, like this . The last variation I read about ( I cannot find the post back on the forum so it may have been deleted  ) was a kind of magnetometer that could detect wrecks  miles and miles out in the ocean . It was still being tested   . Now what the scammers are up to is the following . They are willing to show you how it works but you have to pay the operations cost to set up this test . Or the next best thing is , to never mention a price when discussing the wonderful unit they have . They make you so eager to get a hold of a unit like they discussed that you offer them money out of your free wil . These people should be found out and banned from ever posting on any forum .   Cornelius

Quote:Posted by {author}
Dell what I say is not against you but nevertheless it is tru  . I am not disturbed by anything you write . I am not banning anybody because I think you have the right to write anything you want . I don't have to agree with it though !  And as far as scamming goes , do you realy believe  these guys don't know what they try to sell ? If your product is working , help out the man that wants to get the $25.000 , or take up Carl Moreland on his challenge.   I still like you but don't get too personal though . There is no use for that. Regards  Cornelius 

Cornelius, I was dismayed by your bashing of LRL users. I thought you were above such nonsense. It's beginning to appear that am invited to participate in this forum so moderators can instigate attacks on me and other MFD & LRL users.

You made it personal after my name was invoked in the previous post, and you made no distinction, or exception to me, or the purchasers of my products in your reply. I am all for "freedom of responsible speech, but I take exception to "Irresponsible" freedom of speech. It is obvious you are speaking irresponsibly about a subject you appear to know nothing about, without concern, or apology. Inference & innuendo are powerful  tools employed by Scientific pretenders of the Skeptic organization.

I only speak for myself, and Yes, I know exactly what I am selling, and so do my customers. I don't make claims about what I have not experienced, or witnessed  personally.

Quote:Posted by {author}
]It is too bad that there are still people believing in L (Long ) R ( Range ) L ( locators ) . Even with a little of technical ( electronics ) knowledge you should know it is impossible . But of course as a scamming tool it is very valuable .

Impossible? You are wrong. "What has been done, can be done".  You seem to be telling folks that I am not doing what I say I am doing? I am not a liar. I do use electronics to broadcast a Frequency. The rest is physics. Nobody I know "Believes" in LRL. It's not a product of faith. It either works as an aid to searching for deep buried treasure,  or it don't. For me it does. Do you have any objection to my building and sharing (selling) what works for me in my field searches for Treasure, and Shipwrecks?  I sincerely hope not.  Dell


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