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« on: June 21, 2021, 02:00:57 pm »
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 I And Eye Happy 4th Of July

Luxefaire Enterprise Mission
11 June 2021
2700 Words

     The real problem, and its a doozy, is that everyone must get along.  I am not saying we need to get along or we should, I am saying we must, because in a very real way our lives depend on it.  In order to foster this ideal I have compiled a few items into a list, blind spots of the collective, which have not been addressed much, and are killing us right now, as you read this.   This list is by no means complete or even a good partial, in fact it is just a little scratching of the surface.  All the more reason to consciously make the effort, whatever it takes, to get along across the entire world, before we all die of stupidity.

1.   All the races are caused by inbreeding.  When people start to look like one and other, even across the lines of sex, that is one indicator.  Inbreeding is to be avoided whenever possible because of birth defects and long term fertility issues. Most inbreeding programs had to do with royal bloodlines, and ended badly.  Real leaders in ancient societies took great care to keep the blood in hybrid vigor, or as close as possible.  War actually facilitated this, albeit violently and in chaotic manner.  As far as genes are concerned sometimes chaos was best.  Elaborate rituals were born around peaceful interbreeding among the tribes of all times, and some of the more quaint survive to this day.

2.    When people fish for food they use lead fishing weights, which over the years accumulate in large piles on any bottom obstruction.  I have seen it when scuba diving south Florida and other places.  Every diver I have told has also seen it in their areas where people fish.  These lead weights are usually deteriorated by water in an accelerated manner, and if surf is involved, worse.  Algaes and plants grow on these piles of lead, and the little fishies eat off the plants growing on the piles of lead, and the bigger fishies eat the little fishies and so on.  Finally people eat the biggest best fishies and die of lead poisoning sometimes, blaming it on evil spirits and fertilizers and leaded gasoline.  None of which are entirely wholesome either, imho.  I remember reading of deaths in Tampa Bay from lead tainted seafood.  

3.    Suffice to say that since the invention of money one thing has always been true above all:  there is never enough money!  Hah.  This is made worse because we drop money, we lose it, it is a condition of this species and our five pointed pincers.  Perhaps coinage is the Id Entity working through us to help hone our dexterity.  It has not worked too well, or is a slow slow process, but we have learned at least to make money out of things that are harder to lose.  LOSS OF MONEY HAS ACCOUNTED FOR ALL OF THE POVERTY OF THE WORLD FOREVER.   Many old kings blamed this loss on supernatural intervention, demons, sprites, fuh-fuh-FAIRIES!  Even Leprechauns, where else did they get all that gold?  In my mind I see the filthy and numerous poor of the centuries walking over all the wealth their ancestors lost in the dirt.  And they added some of theirs too, until it was all gone.  The for-real Dark Ages.  This is why Spains conquest of the new world brought prosperity back,  simply more metal.  
      All the lost stuff of the old world stayed lost until the metal detectors.  Now we know, eh?  What a shame.  Why didn't the person who was me at that time drill holes in flat wood and make a screen and get rich?  Maybe I did, I am that way.  If so I am sure it was not recorded.  
     There is so much in the dirt from the millenia before now, lost money, it will be decades getting most of it out with metal detectors.  No one saw any of that, even the people paid to keep track of these things.  No one could imagine loss on that scale.  

4.   A fact of existence is that existence is not easy.  Lots of trash gets piled up and forgotton along the way, or burned, or whatever.  After any growth in an area, the need for a common dump became paramount.  This did not keep people from burying burned trash in their yards, or digging trash pits when needed, but it took care of the bigger stuff.  The dumps were always at or near the towns edge.  Later, as the town grew, it covered up these old dumps.  It appalls me to think of how much really schwanky architectural stuff has its well drilled through old city dump sites.  Even not so schwanky, even wanky, if you must know.  In Tampa there are 56 known inner city dumps, and many are really big.  I am not picking on Tampa, its just where I did some research on it.  All cities have this set up and most are worse than Tampa, sorrrrryyyyy.
5.   Drama is a major blind spot, every body thinks how nice, a play, when in reality it can be (And is) used to coerce and deceive.  A lot.  Do not trust anything dramatic.  Enjoy it if you do, but realize it is just make believe and falsehoods.  The Romans themselves were conquered with Drama, no mean feat, still here today.

6.  When denied a foreign enemy an army always turns on its own people.  This is because the basis of all armies, all politics, and all policing is the acquisition of loot. Forever.   Something for nothing, all you can steal.  The police are already an army with no foreign enemy so figure that out.  I have seen more police drama on video in my life than anything else in movies and on TV, especially TV.  This tells me the people behind the TV programming want the police state so the rabble won't be able to steal all their precious dusty junk.  I certainly don't want all these expensive police ruining my day because they are bored and need an authority fix.  Little minds.  Most people are with me.  Police in America are a long term plan by royalty to get the guns.  That attack too is multifaceted.

7.    Airplanes are wrecking the atmosphere.  They are secretly trying to remedy that with atmospheric chemical applications, catalysts and binders, and they are making it worse.  That is first level of the problem, because these chemical applications are another form of attack, and you will have to see my blogs for more on that.  
     While these airplane pilots and drones operators are trying to fix the mistakes by covering them up with chemicals, they are also creating all kinds of detrimental radiation effects on the people below.  Flying could and should be decreased to 10% of what it is today, useful mostly for emergencies.  We cannot afford to have Georgie Dingdong, Prince of C.A.P., up there joy riding around.  Most people don't fly anymore anyway, it has become the transportation of a few, but mostly a huge secret military created by bush, so he and his could secretly do business, meaning free money conduits to south america.
     There will be high paying work for the best pro pilots when the space elevators go online.

8.    Elections as they are now are meaningless and totally corrupt.  In 2020 the royalty of the world turned the yearly flu into a pandemic so they could steal an election. What a bunch of little patsies Americans have become. Last election everybody in Deming knew I voted for Trump right after I did it, they somehow knew what I voted, and as I did it!  Scumbags.  I got boo'ed in the parking lot!  They are all secret agent hix for the lord here.  
     Immediate action must be taken to secure a better way of choosing leaders, and it must be hoped that special-interest frat-boy TV-face corporate crime bosses are not among the eligible.  Or lawyers.  No more special interest.  We need administration and badly.   Right now the Television media picks our leaders, and that is more than a very bad joke, that is heinous.  
     I would also like to alert you to the fact that the title Esquire is given to a lawyer when they are admitted to the BAR, which stands for British Accreditation Registry.  Esquire is a title of Nobility.  Like Lord.  In America there was once a titles of nobility act where if you accepted the title you lost your citizenship.  That went away after the holders of the code which replaced our law totally subverted our way.  Bill Gates, Ronald Ray-Gun, Billy Graham, Steven Spielberg, all Knights.  Many many more.

     The lie of competition is this: competition produces mega losers for every one winner. Its a psychological charnel house, and its fixed to boot.  It is a monumental waste of time.  It also creates non-standardized products.  And lots of death everywhere.  The mind set is actually an intellectual retardation.  Brain Damage.  Big Devo.
     Competition is for people who do not have the mental wherewithal to cooperate, or who do not only want what is theirs, but want what is yours too.  Lots of that, looting, this whole capitalist thing is set up for frat doggies who need advantage.  Competition creates better predators, most assuredly.  They who will gladly sell you out for a petty advantage, they who actually like to lie cheat steal because they are good at it, doing whatever it takes to win because nothing matters but winning in the delirium they are born into and inhabit 24-7.  

    It is probably best to veer away from rituals which originated with eating of the dead.

     Marionette programming is widespread, and as its name implies creates little human dollies which a knowing handler can operate, making the puppet dance to any tune they choose.   Marionette programming is created through abuse, and abuse is widespread.  Many people train their children using this type of programming but do not know the words for it, they learned it from their parents...
     Basically, through some kind of abuse, a dichotomy is created in the subjects mind where repression  of the bad becomes another personality altogether.  This other personality has been conditioned to obey the handler.  The great explainers and definers call it schizophrenia, but they are bunglers and don't know which end is up.  There are also common dichotomies created in childrens minds, which no one thinks about.  It is natural for a kid to ask after the sexual differences between male and female, and one ball of confusion that is invariably introduced into a boys life is this conundrum:  it is wrong for men to love other men but you damned well better love jesus.  That really threw me for a loop and I almost got backhanded over it.  I still remember.  It was a very stressful event.  I was very young.  The force of my will alarmed my parents.
     Conundrums change, but remain irksome by their very nature.  I have faced myself and found I do not like the idea of worshiping a man, so I do not.  I pray to male deities, even Jesus sometimes, but God to me is both male and female together.  And some other stuff mixed in that I can only guess at, stuff we don't know about yet.  My main squeeze spiritually is the Goddess.  So there you go.  I quit lying to fit in at a much younger age than most people.  Usually the old guys who toed the line get real out of hand in their last days finally realizing all the time they lost doing penny shit for other people.  Like an old guy wishing he grew his hair when he could, now that he is bald.  Not me, I have been totally unruly almost my whole life.   I ain't proud, just saying.  
     Further conundrums include big he-man cowboys worshiping a man.  Also lesbians who worship Jesus.  I know some of the lesbians, they are devout, and in my deepest thoughts I say to myself "There is hope for you bitches yet."
     There are many ways controller types manipulate, and most people are controller types.  Some just have greater expectations.  There is also electronic mind control now, high power active auroral and top secret environmental technology which was introduced after 911.  Television and radio broadcasts, especially drama, are classifiable as electronic mind control.  See the links in the bibliography.

     After Kennedy the people in Intel began to see the value of TV for mind control.   The Russians knew it already, beating us by a few decades.  Everything is always spun by the story tellers, and after the invention of TV things got spun real bad.  Magic for the hicks.  
     So embarrassing.  
     Here are the frauds that I know of in my lifetime of 62 years (Today is 11 June 2021).  These events  have been used to manipulate the mass mind with shock and awe in my time.   These are all of a type, and perped by the same basic group over generations.  The New American Royalty of Money and their PR Department the media.
     Big frauds for shock and awe mass programming:  WTC episode one in the 1980s.  The War On Cancer.  The War on Drugs. The War On Poverty.  The War On Terror.  All with war powers acts subverting the constitution and never rescinded.  Most of these were used to institute the police state and to tax America into oblivion.  bush family big players.
     Global warming is an idea cooked up to cover the environmental modification technology kept secret since Hitlers initial experiments.  The ice caps were to be melted and they had to make some excuse without giving anything away.  They got the silliest of twits all freaked out, and that just helped them in their disinfo program.  See links.
     Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas, no warrants served by the police state, and the killing machine that has now morphed into Homeland Security was let loose.  

     Oklahoma City Bombing destroyed some very important records like the Clinton/Mena Arkansas stuff, some crucial Indian Treaties, and most of the Gulf War I medical records.  That bombing was also used as a cover to test the New Army Magnifying Transmitter as a demolition machine and weapon.  That weapon was tested also at 911, but 911 was very intricate, read my book Devilvision, link below.
     The carbon capture scenario is another money conduit, and a second level of deniability concerning the environmental modification technology deployed by jorge bush after 911, which is really an attack on us.  Its the fourth wave of an environmental attack, if you can agglomerate that.  Kind of like the cleanup operation.  There was a lot more to the Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown than you have been told.
     COVID was distraction, and a warning from the world government who thinks it owns America.  Americans are waking up to ENMOD and the world goverment needs this active auroral chemical/energy technology in place to take control of water and food and get the guns.  Lawyer methodology.

     I wanted to mention that I don't think the invention of the wheel was such a big deal when you look at the full moon, or the sun on any given day.  Funny we made our coins like wheels, too, innit?  

Happy Independence Day


CNN CHERNOBYL Antenna was much more than radar

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