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« on: October 27, 2021, 10:11:41 am »
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The Garrett AT (All-Terrain) series of metal detectors features the Garrett AT Pro, the Garrett AT Gold, and the Garrett AT Max. The most common concern among potential buyers is figuring out the differences between the Garrett AT Pro vs. Max metal detectors.

When detectorists are trying to figure out whether or not they should buy the AT Pro or the AT Max, there is a wide variety of factors they should consider. The most prominent being the price, features included, performance, and the metal detecting environment that you will be hunting in.

Enjoy this guide that will review each detector in-depth, and then help you decide which one is better for you.

Garrett AT Pro
The Garrett AT Pro is widely regarded by many in the metal detecting industry to be one of the best intermediate-level metal detectors on the market today. The AT Pro is a stand-out due to its budget-friendly price that doesn’t sacrifice performance!

Operating Frequency
The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is outfitted with an operating frequency of 15 kHz. This is an excellent choice on behalf of Garrett, as we believe this frequency is perfect for an all-purpose metal detector!

Search Modes
The AT Pro brings you seven different search modes you have at your disposal. They are Zero Discrimination (All Metal Mode), Coins, Custom, Zero Discrim. with Tone Roll Audio, Coins with Tone Roll Audio, Custom with Tone Roll Audio, and Pinpoint Mode.

Tone Roll Audio is a Garrett exclusive that gives you varying tones as you sweep over a metal object, whereas other audio modes will only give you one constant tone. This can help you figure out whether or not the signal is consistent with a good target.

Exclusive Features
The Garrett AT Pro detector features 40 iron discrimination levels, giving detectorists the ultimate in determining what metals they want to exclude.

Similarly, the AT Pro also has the Iron Audio feature, which allows discriminated iron to make low-pitched grunts so that you can avoid junk targets!

Ground balance features are paramount when you are treasure hunting in highly mineralized soils.

The AT Pro does not disappoint here, as it provides both ‘Fast Track’ automatic ground balance, as well as a manual option.

Finally, the AT Pro features the capability to be submerged underwater up to 10 feet deep! The freshwater and saltwater capabilities of this waterproof detector are one reason why we especially love this detector!

Search Coils
The Garrett AT Pro comes stock with a waterproof 8.5″ x 11″ DD Proformance search coil, which is a great search coil for most metal detecting situations. There is a huge selection of additional search coils that cover a wide variety of metal detecting needs should you want more options.

The AT Pro features a standard, adjustable armrest that allows you to set the machine up for the proper dimensions you want.

The adjustable arm strap helps take some of the load off of your muscles and distributes it more evenly in your arm. In addition, we love the textured rubber grip on the handle, as it provides great comfort and doesn’t absorb water.

Battery Life
The battery pack on the Garrett AT Pro requires 4 AA batteries to operate. Surprisingly enough, the batteries last anywhere from 20 to 40 hours, depending on the battery quality. This is great battery life for a metal detector with so many features!

Great value
Strong performance on small objects
Great battery life
Submersible up to 10 feet

Lacks wireless headphone technology
One operating frequency

Garrett AT Max
The Garrett AT Max is essentially the newer version of the AT Pro, with updated capabilities, but at a slightly heftier price. While many of the features are the same as the AT Pro, there are many that are starkly different.

Operating Frequency
The operating frequency on the Garrett AT Max is 13.6 kHz. This slightly lower frequency is excellent for squeezing a little bit more detection depth out of the machine. We believe the 13.6 kHz operating frequency is great for an all-purpose metal detector as well.

Search Modes
The AT Max comes with four preset search modes.

These are All Metal, Coins, Custom, Zero Discrimination, and Pinpointer. The All Metal mode on the AT Max is actually True All Metal mode, which means that every type of metal is detected while providing detectorists with the maximum detection depth and sensitivity possible.

It is also worth mentioning that all of these search modes utilize Tone Roll Audio, which allows you to hear the changing metal signals of your target instead of giving one solid tone.

Exclusive Features
The Garrett AT Max metal detector comes with 44 levels of iron discrimination, which provides detectorists with precise control on what metal types they want to find.

Since the detector features True All Metal mode, you can always hunt for whatever type of metal you are looking for with top-tier performance.

Ground balance is a big deal for many detectorists, especially when prospecting in heavily mineralized soil or salty environments.

The AT Max has both automatic ground balancing, as well as manual ground balancing for differing ground conditions.

Garrett outfitted the Max with an Automated Ground Balance Window that simultaneously spreads ground balancing to several different settings for several different ground conditions.

This is especially handy for those of us who wish to let the machine do the work!

Optimized to be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments, the Garrett AT Max is waterproof to 10 feet!

Search Coils
The AT Max comes with an 8.5″ x 11″ DD Proformance search coil that is waterproof and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Should you wish to get larger or smaller search coils, there are many additional search coils available!

The Garrett AT Max is stocked with the standard, adjustable length shaft that feels very sturdy.

Take advantage of the padded arm cup and adjustable strap, as these help your arms experience less fatigue. The rubber grip on the handle is very nice as well, as it provides excellent purchase and doesn’t absorb water.

Battery Life
The AT Max runs on 4 AA batteries. These batteries last roughly 15 hours to 20 hours before dying, which is a very good runtime. While the battery life is shorter than the AT Pro, we believe it is still very commendable, considering the AT Max is using more power for its myriad of new features.

Wireless headphone technology
Backlit screen for dark environments
Strong iron discrimination functions
Submersible up to 10 feet

One operating frequency

Which Is the Better Metal Detector?
While it would be nice to say that one Garrett AT metal detector is better than the other, this is not possible for one reason. Every prospective buyer has different wants, scenarios, and budgets, and these factors all come together to determine the best metal detector for each person.

We will compare the Garrett AT Max vs. AT Pro in-depth so you can figure out which one suits your needs the best!

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Garrett AT Pro vs. Garrett AT Max

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