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« on: December 19, 2009, 02:45:29 am »
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Some elements of history

Did the Templars really have establishments in this sector of the Verdon? If one refers only to the modern historians, force is to note the poverty of information. According to them, the only possession known in the area would have been the field of Saint Maymes.
Comps on Artuby? a possession of Hospital but of the Templars, nothing? Even if documents of the commandery of Ruou give a report on grounds well belonging to the Templars at  Comps.

In ?Secret History of Provence?, Michel Bertrand written: ? Why the Bishop of Toulon, Raymond Rostand take did the risk to inform the Templars of this town of their imminent arrest? The prelate had learned at the time of a stay at the court of Charles of Anjou the project which was woven against the Temple. The seven knights of Toulon withdrew themselves in a possession which they had apart from the city in a place says ?Castle of Escaillon?, from there they gained the area of the -haut VAR- where one loses their trace??

In its references it quotes also the Commander Buscaille historian of Toulon: ?A strongly defended by-pass, at the beginning of Comps, made it possible to join the Alps by the valley of the Durance??

If one refers to certain old authors, we learn that the history of this period is perhaps not as clear as that.

The first Master about the Temple, Hugues de Payns, would not have been Champenois but indeed Proven?al
For the Laurensi prior, historian of Castellane, the first Master of the Order would have been a certain Hugues de Baggary whose possession are precisely in full heart of this ?Island of the Watchers? (see my chart:

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Verdon Cassini map
) .

Other documents seem to corroborate this fact. In ?the general inventory of the papers contained in the files of the castle of Grimaud? one can read there:

?In the crusade which the pope Urbain II made publish in the famous council of Clermont against the infidels and for the covering of Jerusalem, one there distinguishes a sovereign from Castellane called Pierre who having gathered with Castellane all his subjects, formed a small army made up of the knights of the region and the middle-class men his vassal, among whom was Hugues de Bagarry, who 19 years after became one of the founders and the first large Master of the Knights of the Temple.? ( see page N?4)

This book, available to the BNF (Library national of France ) and easily downloadable on Gallica (

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Chateau de Grimaud
), us also informs on an object which could have been brought back at the time of this crusade, I quote: ?the crowned iron of the lance which had opened dimensioned of Jesus-Christ.? . Object that certain researchers think hidden of Ganagobie?

An underground world

All these chapels conceal their undergrounds, now filled. Some ten years ago, some of these entries were still clearly visible.
With Saint Trophime, one still guesses, at the bottom of the chapel, the remainders of a village the leprous one.
In these ruins, near the old cistern, a native minor of Robion, ventured in the undergrounds updated at the time of a eventration of the ground. No one never re-examined it?
Towards the end of the 19th century, another inhabitant of Robion had ventured in a gallery near an other chapel (Saint Thyrse) where he discovered a rotunda which several bowels left. The plan which it made of the part that it explored resembled the graffiti curiously that a mysterious prisoner had engraved on the walls of his jail of the castle of Chinon.

The Verdon, a strange landscape dug of caves, swallow-holes and cracks which the man arranged, increased or on the contrary dissimulated with the curiosity of the visitors.

According to Weysen, the sector of La Treille, near Jabron, would shelter more the underground big lake of the world (10ha). Under ?le portique?, in Rouissassou, it located a deep of 20m and high cave of 4 with 5m. It does not only allot this discovery to him, it returns according to him to work of hydrogeology of 1970 conduits by professor Van Nutsen of the University of Amsterdam. The water contained in this lake would be, always according to Weysen, one of the paramount secrecies because it would be with the origin of life.

Unknown creatures

The majority of these entries were walled by the inhabitants who, being based on local legends, see in these openings the entry of an underground world, evil, live by horrible dwarves, survivors of an old race now disappeared.
But then how to explain that one of these dwarves was stopped close to Comps at the beginning of last century?
This being letting itself die, one slackened it on the place of its capture and it disappeared at once in a pit and no one never revives it .....
There exists a memory confirming this arrest, an old yellowed picture where one can see this small strange creature surrounded by 2 gendarmes.  The hunter of treasures, Didier Audinot, had between the hands this picture before giving it has a famous ufologist now missing.

Observations of UFO

Many ufologists and not of least were interested in this sector, a few years ago.
Here an observation carried out by a group of young ufologists which has really what to surprise.
At the time one night of day before, they could observe the exploration of a luminous ball along a cliff near Robion. During more than ten minutes, the sphere, which had the volume of a house of 2 floors, moved slowly along the rock bar by emitting a beam of light which broke with acute angle before touching the ground.
A large number of observations could be realized with part of the ruins of a fortress capping a rock piton in the shape of camel.

Animal mutilations

In1992, the -haut VAR- knew the most important series of animal mutilations ever recorded in France.
At the end of the summer 1992, a herd of sheep which fed near the camps soldier of Canjuers was literally decimated. More half of the herd was found died, mutilated in a few months. The owner lost several tens of animals which presented all same the symptoms, of open holes to the shoulders, the neck and the thighs.

In the area, people do not like too much to speak about this history which attracted in addition to very many ufologists, journalists of the written press, television as well as the soldiers of Canjuers which them also one inquired into this business.


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