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« on: October 23, 2013, 03:27:45 pm »
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Nice Article from August of this year .

Here is the article paste and Link:

Tips for Shallow Water Metal Detecting for Gold and Silver:

Monday, August 12th

Many metal detectorist's enjoy metal detecting in shallow water. That’s not really a surprise though since rivers and lake shores often yield significant treasures. Coins, relics, gold nuggets, silver, minerals, and more can be found in shallow waters but, to be successful in these tricky conditions, you’ll want to follow these tips from metal detecting pro Michael Bernzweig.


Get the Right Equipment


Before you head out metal detecting anywhere, you’ll want to be sure you have the right equipment for the job. When metal detecting in shallow water you’ll need to have a machine that’s not only waterproof but also submersible as well as one that features a medium to large search coil so you can search more deeply for gold and silver. In addition to the metal detector you’ll also want to find a long handled scoop for digging up your gold and silver targets, a water resistant carry bag for your treasures, and, depending on your situation, waders or a wet suit so you’re comfortable while metal detecting in the water.


Do Your Research


If you have access to a lake or river and have permission to go treasure hunting there, by all means, check it out. The spots that will produce the most gold and silver finds are those that had a lot of traffic over the years. Remember, as one enters the water, the skin shrinks and jewelry falls off. That said, your success rate will be much higher if you do a bit of research on the area you hope to hunt in first. Places like town swimming holes are obvious choices, but remember, in the past, these water sources played an even larger role in a town. Bathing spots, and old “car washes”, are just two of the many ways some rivers and lakes were used years ago. These are great places to hunt for gold and silver with a metal detector in shallow water as well because of all the activity there. Just always be sure to have permission before you head out to any location.


Safety First


While lots of fun, metal detecting along the shore and in the water needs to be done safely. Rocks get slippery and you can easily fall, especially while preoccupied with your machine, and of course, your treasures. Also, no matter what you’re doing in and around water, you always need to step up your safety since even the shallowest of water can become a hazard depending on the circumstances.


Now that you’ve got the right equipment, found your spot, and are sure you’re safe, you’ll easily have an excellent day metal detecting in and around the shallow waters of all the beautiful lakes and rivers around.

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