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« on: November 01, 2020, 10:54:48 am »
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The fuel tank was filled to the max on my star speeder Nogo. I could now easily travel 19 parsecs before refueling with lithochromite the new wonder fuel that was created as a result of the Apocalypse of 3019. Lithochromite is a refined green gel that comes from all living and dead biologicals including humans that were exposed to the thermal nuclear bombs that caused just about everything to become toxic. Everything became super energy enriched.
The world became a vast wasteland covered by a purple sky dominated by a post apocalypse tribe named the "Witches Cauldron" who controlled what was left . (photo 1 & 2) They hunted for the living. They hunted for the dead. Food and fuel for their jet booms.
My job for this day was a straight in and out to gain credits. Swinging Quota Guru #2 would keep the ironclad beetles at bay. The sound of the ground balance caused great pain to the ironclads that had morphed into the size of footballs attacking anything that moved. No weapon left on earth could penetrate their amour. Mother Nature had her final say at balancing things out and had given these creatures one weakness....tiger clawed feral cats that dined exclusively on these beetles.
It was a dangerous task that I was not fully up to but I needed the credits. 3/5 of a quota was extracted along with a cross with 925 inscribed on it. I had tested my battery pack after this find....two bell tones from Quota. Dig till quota was had or risk dead batteries and becoming beetle food. Choice was easy. I cursed myself on the way back to Nogo for not having the foresight to bring extra batteries. I lifted off into the purple haze heading home at 15,019 kph.


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