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« on: July 07, 2010, 09:29:51 am »
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  It's funny how things that you hear as a kid "come to meaning" later on in your life experiences.  This has happened to me several times, but NEVER has it come to be so true as with my experience with the so-called "treasure hunters" that exist within the Caballos Mountains.
  Years ago, perhaps forty or so years, I heard a couple of phrases that go like this: "Birds of a feather flock together".  The other pertinent phrase states :"show me your friends and I'll tell you who and what you are like".  As a kid, these sayings didn't have mave meaning, but a treasure hunter, these phrases ring out louder than any bell that's ever been made.
  After twenty-six years of treasure hunting, I have seen some of the most dispicable people that have "posed" as treasure hunters.  Starting with my own brother years ago, I have learned to "see the red flags" that appear when meeting treasure hunters who have alterior motives, whose lips say one thing but their actions say  something totally different.  Such was the case when I made a deal with one of the most dispicable treasure hunters known to exist.  This person claims to have a treasure tunnel, or shaft, within the Caballos Mountains.  His treasure trove claim in the Caballos is a joke (I have been there), yet he, and his close knit brotherhood, still continue to prey upon those who are able to invest in a "sham" (as one Truth of Consequences, New Mexico treasure hunter puts it).
  I made a deal with this person to show him the location of a known treasure room (which I had located on a previous visit).  I had never met this person before, but even before meeting him my phone was ringing from people ( his own friends?Huh?? show me your friends and I'll tell you who and what you are like) who were warning me to watch out for this con-artist, that he is a thief.
  Now folks, I'm the kind of guy who doesn't let other peoples opinion alter anything that I am doing, however, once the information is confirmed by this persons actions and words, I simply leave him high and dry.
  The first time I met this treasure trove owner, I knew within five minutes that this person was illiterate when it came to treasure signs and symbols.  His own words made me cringe when he told me that he had walked right into a spanish mine, and how simple rock slides off of the top of the mountain (leaving a white "slide mark") were the spanish way of marking out mines and treasure rooms.  Inside of me I was realizing that I had made a huge mistake and that all of the warnings about this person were coming true....he is an idiot when it comes to locating treasure rooms and mines. It wasn't until later that I realized that this person was a "con-man extrordinare".  And it took me even longer to realize that the people around him, his so-called friends and people who were backing him, were nothing more than "birds of a feather", that they were also con-men. They would make you "feel at home" in order to gain your confidence, then they would milk you dry of all the information that they wanted to know.
  One of the men, who lives in Las Cruces with a woman who he claims to be "a Morman moron", played a game called "I trust you now you trust me".  This person showed me one book, about five inches or more thick, that was a part of three books that were, at one time, someone's stamp collection.  The book that this person showed me contained (if the book is real) a collection of stamps that were worth well over three million dollars.  This person went on to proclaim that he knew that the collection had been stolen and that the Insurance comapny had paid out nine million dollars to settle the theft of this stamp collection (three books of stamps).  This stamp collection, according to this person, had been found in a cave in the Caballos, in back packs.  He told me that he had researched the collection (this is how they knew about the nine million dollar payout by the Insurance comapny), and that he had plans to sell the collection back to the Insurance company and make a few million dollars the "easy way".  As I stated, he showed me these stamps to play a game of "I trust you now you trust me".  The problem is this, this guy cannot be trusted.  Every word out of his mouth is just that.....WORDS!!!!  Nothing he ever said came true...kind of like the guy with the treasure trove claim in the Caballos.  Again, as I stated earlier, one phrase kept coming back to me...."birds of a feather flock together". 
  End of Part one.
  In part two I will go into great detail about how the owner of the treasure trove claim manipulates and lies about his motives, and why this person is a blemish to ALL treasure hunters. 


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