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« Reply #150 on: October 31, 2018, 05:38:48 pm »
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Quote:Posted by seldom
There are no signs or symbols thats a bunch of nonsense started by several writers back in the 60's to sell articles and books a hand full of armchair want to be's have spend their lives trying to convenes the treasure world that they are real when in fact there is no proof that any origination connected to the south ever hide any treasure are used any form of signs or symbols. These same people have tried to connect the south with the Masons, Jesse James, anybody or anything that might give them some creditability.

You call yourself a researcher and/or treasure hunter  but you don't follow the first rule of research. Prove what your looking for ever was. The South had zero money how can it hide something it never had?

If your looking for help with signs and symbols doubt if you will get it here few if any of us believe in the nonsense the ones that have tried to prove us wrong over the years move on after they are prove wrong about what claim.

This is a serious treasure forum where we try to keep 90% of the conversation about treasure and related subjects. If you have some serious treasure matters to talk about the post away but this sign nonsense needs to be over.

I realize this is a dead thread, but wanted to show my appreciation for this post and the voice of reason behind it.  Have been a member for some time now but have never posted because of all the nonsense I have seen about the so called Jesse James, KGC, blah, blah, treasures.  Had actually given up on this and other forums in general till I spotted this post.  THANK YOU! 

BTW, I also realize the OP is now persona non grata, but would like to invite any who may be interested to view my blog where a fitting epitaph for this...individual...and the Brownwood Bloody Bill nonsense associated with them is currently the latest topic.  Others, including Jesse James (and associated impostors), and Bickley's pipe dream the KGC, are soon to follow.  Not sure if I will be allowed to post a link, but it can be found at 

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Thanks again for the post, I really enjoyed it.   Clapp   Beer Chug


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Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

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